Combo Apps/Hacking The Olloclip

Crescent Wrench and Olloclip

About a couple of months ago I got an Olloclip from a really good friend to write a review but I wanted to do something different instead of the normal review. I’ve talked with people and read quite a few blog post reviews on how you have to sacrifice your screen protectors to use a Olloclip Lens System. I even saw how it will shatter your tempered glass screen protector. So I tried to do a slow stretch with my Olloclip to fit over the tempered glass screen protector I have on my iPhone. I started with a crescent wrench and no dice. It was really tight and just didn’t work.

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Next I tried using a paper towel and did a slow stretch by folding the paper towel each week. After a couple of months of slow stretching the plastic clip, the only things they did was knock the little plastic piece to hold the Olloclip in place on your iPhone and chipped my screen protector. I just don’t understand the appeal of their lens system. I feel in the past this system worked at the time because there wasn’t a lot out there and everyone complain about the magnet ring lens system. Now it’s time Olloclip made a better mobile lens system that does make you sacrifice the protection of your iPhone. Again I feel you also pay a lot of money to replacing plastic because the glass quality is the same. You’re not getting Zeiss glass lenses. What gets me most is the clips went up in price. It’s get quite expensive to replacing a whole new system when a newly design iPhone comes out. I wanted to add that the people at Olloclip bank on the fact you will through away your money every two years to buy their products and laugh their way to the bank. They refuse to do any type loyalty program for sustaining customers or any type of recycle programs like some companies are starting to adopt or promote. In the end you have to ask yourself is it worth spending a few hundred dollars to replace plastic clips and a cheaply made case for your iPhones. Especially when they are better lens systems that don’t make sacrifice your iPhone to take a few great photos. If this blog post has struck a nerve and you totally disagree with me…then I’ve done my job. Have a nice day and see you soon !!!



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6 Responses to Combo Apps/Hacking The Olloclip

  1. In your opinion, what is a better lens system to invest into?

    • ashcroft54 says:

      The best way to go are the one that are threaded lenses, like DCkina and Snap! 6. Another good brand is Ztylus with their lens revolver and case. Optrix with their waterproof case and bayonet lens system. Last the pricy Moment Lens System.

  2. Suzanne aka @suzbgd says:

    I totally agree with your opinion on Olloclip’s lack of a loyalty program and forcing you to purchase a new olloclip every time you upgrade your phone. Pssshhh.
    I shoot iPhone (love that ProCamera) and my DSLR … I abandoned my olloclip back with my 4s.

    • ashcroft54 says:

      Some of the companies who developed mobile lens systems, saw how flawed the Olloclip system is today. They decided to come up with a better system and loyalty programs. It would surprise me that when iPhone 7 comes out. Olloclip’s market shares will go down and other companies market shares will go up. The other thing I didn’t mention about Olloclip was the horrible costumer service.

  3. Hey Tina, totally agree with you there! I have been using Ztylus since their conception and I can’t express my satisfaction or love enough with the Ztylus case and revolving lens system. High quality lens built to go with a perfect case. I’m an Aussie and the only mobile lens you can purchase in stores here are Olliclip. I wasn’t going to sacrifice my screen protector for Olliclip. I did a lot of research on available lens and decided to go with Ztylus. The best decision I ever made! Thanks for your review. It’s good to count on someone who is totally honest when reviewing products, especially when you have to purchase a product sight unseen.

  4. Ithalu says:

    I was curios about the macro set from olloclip but thanks to your blog I have Ztylus and DCkina lens and my screen protector is safe!! 😁🙏🏽

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