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Today I’m going to talk about a new camera app that’s easy to use and has some pretty good tools. The app is Top Camera 2 by Lucky Clan. For the last two days I’ve used this camera app and I’ve been doing things I normally wouldn’t do, so there’s going to be showing you the capabilities of what this camera app can do. Normally I just show you screen shots, explains the screen shots and show you photos. This blog post review will be different because I actually used other features besides taking photos. A good example is up at the top, that is my first time-lapse video I’ve ever done in my life. It was shot with Top Camera 2.

The inspiration for doing something different comes from being in a Mobile Movie Group on Facebook. The two women who run the group are Giulia Baita and Vanessa Vox. Thank you ladies !!! Another person I wanted to point out was Andrew B White for his knowledge with video apps, helping me with learning film vocabulary and film terminology. These people have really open my eye and mind to a whole new world in the 4th dimension.

Recently Added-316


5 photo modes: Photo, HDR, Slow Shutter, Night Photo, Superfast Burst
3 video modes: Simple Video with Pause, Slow Motion, Time Lapse
focus box, exposure box (tap-and-hold to lock)
manual focus/exposure slider
zoom (by pinch gesture or slider)
Volume button shutter
Self Timer
Virtual Horizon – a visual leveling bar to keep your images straight.

If you noticed on the side bars, those are your manual controls. They are kind of hard to see but they are useful. I do wish they would add in a screen grid or an on/off switch for a screen grid. I do wish there was a lock button for auto focus and auto exposure. I hate the constant in/out flicking and adjusting in the screen. You’ll see what I’m talking about toward the end of the blog post, when I show you a slow-mo movie.

Recently Added-317

These are your editing tools, easy to use sliders and always a plus in my book.

Recently Added-318

These are you filters and you have many choices to choose from. When you tap on a filter, you can do two things. You can tap on the + and – to adjust the opacity of the filter or tap it again if you want to go back to no filter.

Recently Added-320

There are two ways to save your save your photos. I’m going to pick save copy because I don’t like to mess with my original image (even if the app is non-destructive).

Top Camera 2 Edit Demo

This is my edited photo, looks pretty good and I really like the results. I wanted to add this photo was shot with Top Camera 2 originally before I edited it.

Top Camera 2 HDR Demo

These are my before and after HDR photos taken with Top Camera 2. I really like their HDR because they don’t look overcooked from tone mapping.

Here’s another time-lapse from Top Camera 2 and edited/rendered with one of the filters in the app.


unified Photo/Video editor – all filters/adjustments can be applied to both Photos and Videos
9 Adjustments: Exposure, Contrast, Saturation, Temperature, Vibrance, Sharpen/Blur, Shadows, Highlights, Straighten
64 Hollywood quality color-correction filters divided into 8 groups: Cinema, Effects, Vintage, Antique, Pastel, Split/Tone, Monotone
Adjust filter strength
Realtime preview
Drag left/right to scrub through videos
Save result as a new clip
Or Overwrite current one – you can later revert to original version from this app system Photos app
Photo Extension support

The last thing I wanted to share was this Slow-mo video, my first slow-mo video. You can see why I want auto locks added in for auto focus. The other thing I would like add is the ability to add music to your videos. I had to load the video to iMovie and add in the music. I feel that’s an important tool to have in any video app, the ability to import music to your movies.

Overall the app is pretty good from a 1.0 standard. Lucky Clan did do a great a job with this for all levels of mobile photographers. It’s easy with a great user interface, all it need now are some of the things I mentioned in the blog post. I would give this app 4 out 5 stars in the App Store for making a great effort for going the extra mile to standing out in the App Store. Top Camera 2 sells for $4.99, universal to the iPad and requires iOS 8 or later.

I want to thank Lucky Clan for letting me review their app. If you have any questions, please leave comments or email me Have a great weekend and see you soon !!!



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  1. eucalyptha says:

    Love it!! Well done on all. Thanks Tina!!

  2. creatiwu says:

    Nice. Thanks.

  3. Elvia B. says:

    Great app. Thanks for the review.

  4. Ithalu says:

    Thanks for the review!! I will buy it. 🙏🏽👌🏽👍🏽

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