Combo Apps/SNAP! PRO on Kickstarters

This was brought to my attention, so I wanted you to check out this campaign and make a pledge today. I knew that Bitplay was designing a new and improved case for the iPhone 6/6S. Bitplay asked me some questions about improving the case design and what would make a better case/mobile lens system for your iPhone ?

Two Colors Black or White//

These are the new and improve case/lens system design by Bitplay. They are only making these for the iPhone 6/6S at the moment and come in two colors, Black or White. (I hope they will make this for the iPhone 6 plus…in the future.)

Steadiness-Enhanced Thumb Rest

They made it so you can do more one handed photo taking with your iPhone 6/6S. Steadiness-Enhanced Thumb Rest will help your hold you iPhone better and more comfortable place for your thumb. Which doesn’t get in the way of the screen and you feel like a true mobile photographer. They still have the patent pending mechanical design, when you press the shutter button of the SNAP! PRO, the volume button will be simultaneously pressed as well to trigger the camera shutter.

One Handed

Here’s another angle for if you like to shoot vertical/portrait style photos with your iPhone. You can see how beautiful the case design. The case has been reinforced the original hard case with dual-material protection for the inner casing to absorb shock, withstand drop and help protect your iPhone. Along with interchangeable grip, for better gripping with your iPhone.

SNAP! PRO Tripod Compatibility

They added a standard tripod hole, so you can mount the case on your tripod and shoot amazing landscapes or time-lapse photography. You can even shot videos. If you look at Bitplay’s Kickstarter page, they are even offering a sale on their mobile lenses just for this campaign.

Now if you’re interested in making pledge today, just CLICK HERE. One of the Early Bird Special is gone !!! If you want to check out more details about SNAP! Pro just CLICK HERE !!!!

If you have any questions about this crowdfund you can contact BitPlay at for more information. If I were you and looking for new case with matching lens, this is something I would make a pledge for. Shipping date is estimated November 2015 and shipping anywhere in the world. Remember this is only for the iPhone 6/6S and not iPhone 6 plus. Good Luck everyone !!!



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2 Responses to Combo Apps/SNAP! PRO on Kickstarters

  1. cvivian2013 says:

    will this work for a left hander whose right hand is usless due to MS It looks that it may

    • ashcroft54 says:

      Well, it’s looks like it’s made for right handed only. If you’re left handed, I can understand you’re dilemma. When I had a stroke over a year ago, I had to use my left hand. It took awhile for me to use my right hand. To this day, I can’t grip with my right hand that well. I use the Shoulerpod S1 to help me shoot and grip my iPhone. Now I have an iPhone 6 plus, so u depend on it to grip my iPhone. I’ve seen Left Handed DSLRs but not left handed iPhones.

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