Combo Apps/VIBBIDI – Another Way to Share Beautiful Videos

VIBBIDI Press Images

VIBBIDI is a simple way to make and share a beautiful video. I’m not going to go into full details or write a review about VIBBIDI because the app hasn’t been officially released yet. You can CLICK HERE and read what Venture Beat wrote about the VIBBIDI and this new up start company.

VIBBIDI Screen Shot Press Images

These are the press screen shots of the actual app. I have a VIBBIDI account and you can find me at ashcroft54. I don’t have any videos loaded up yet. But I can tell you that VIBBIDI is like Pinterest when it comes to watching videos. You will lose yourself when watching the videos on VIBBIDI because most of them are really good. There even people who are loading video from their GoPro cameras.

One of the things ‘m hoping that VIBBIDI will do is pass the 15 second mark and make it 90 seconds of video. Flickr has done 90 seconds HD video upload for years. I feel if they did this it would insure them of sticking around and pass Vine. I don’t have a Vine account nor will I ever get one. Instagram does a pretty good jobs with sharing videos.

The app isn’t officially released until the spring but you a pick up VIBBIDI in the App Store now for free. You can follow VIBBIDI on Instagram @vibbidi for updates or info about the up coming social video app. If you have any questions about this blog post please leave comments or email me Have a great Labor Day Weekend and get VIBBIDI today !!!



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