Combo Apps/Gizmon Film Roll and TLR Camera Bluetooth Shutter Remotes


Gizmon has put out two new Bluetooth Shutter Remotes. The first one show is the Film Roll Bluetooth Shutter Remote. I have the old wired cable shutter remote and this looks really nice. Since I don’t have either of these products, this is more of a new reports rather than a product review.


You have to charge it up from the micro USB end.


The shutter button and LED indicator are on top of the film roll. The LED light helps you know if you’re connected to your iOS or Android mobile devices.

Film Roll Shutter Button

It also fits in your hot little hand and ready to go. I like the design of this Bluetooth Remote because I miss using film sometimes. It comes in three colors, Red, Green and Yellow.


Next is the TLR Camera Bluetooth Shutter Remote. They come in four colors shown up above, Pink, Black, Brown and Blue.


The bottom of the remote has the micro USB slot, to charge up your remote.


The right side of the TLR has the shutter button and the LED indicator (not on).


The TLR fits in your hot little hand just like the film roll. This is another cleaver design by Gizmon. Below are the prices of each of the Bluetooth remotes and you can order them from Amazon.

Product List:

Film Roll Bluetooth Shutter Remote – $13.79 Amazon
TLR Camera Bluetooth Remote – $17.12 Amazon




These are some sample photos shot with the Bluetooth remotes. You can check out Gizmon for more details about these products. Again, both Bluetooth remotes work with iOS and Android mobile devices. If you have any questions, please leave comments or email me Have a great Labor Day Weekend and see you soon !!!



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6 Responses to Combo Apps/Gizmon Film Roll and TLR Camera Bluetooth Shutter Remotes

  1. rjllane says:

    Hello Tina (ashcroft54)

    I have been using the “kvintage” branded version of the Gizmon TLR remote for a year or so now with my iPhone. It works well, and it looks really cute. I find that the use of a bluetooth remote is a big help for triggering shots in all sorts of situations – e.g., when moving the iPhone around trying to get different compositions with macro shots, when taking photos with the iPhone on a tripod, when taking photos without drawing attention to myself, etc.

    🙂 … MomentsForZen (Richard)

  2. Rachel Pourchier says:

    Do these remotes only work thru their own in camera app? or can you you use the camera app of your choice??

    • ashcroft54 says:

      They have a list or icons showing what camera apps will work with the remotes. The rule is if a camera has a shutter volume control. Then usually the Bluetooth shutter remotes will work.

    • rjllane says:

      Quite correct Tina (ashcroft54). These remotes do not have an app of their own. They work with any camera app that supports triggering of the shutter via the button to increase the volume. These days, that is almost all of the major camera apps.

      🙂 … MomentsForZen (Richard)

  3. Cool, thank you very much for the review bluetooth Shutter Remotes, you helped me a lot.

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