Combo Apps/Faded Periwinkle for iOS and Android

Faded Periwinkle Set - 2

Today I’m going to show how I make Faded Periwinkle. All you need are two apps, Dramatic Black & White and Noiseware. These are some of the photos (up above) I did with Faded Periwinkle.

Happy Accident

The story behind the edit started with wanting to something different with the architecture and street photos. I’ve done Crispy Black and White in the past but have gotten bored of the editing style. I’m also tired of a lot of the faded style apps because they all look the same. I was playing around with Dramatic Black and White and the infrared presets. I happen to make the photo up above on accident. I like the look of it but wanted to tone it down some and not make it so monochromatic.

Faded Periwinkle Trolly

After playing with the sliders on Dramatic Black and White, I came out with this and was pleased with the results. I wanted to keep a tiny hint of color in the photo but have a washed out tint look to them. While I was editing I was thinking about the show Keeping Up Appearances. One of my favorite British Shows. Hyacinth Bucket’s Royal Doulton “with the hand painted periwinkles”, kept popping in my head. That’s where I got the name, Faded Periwinkle.

Recently Added-587

First I’m going to load up Dramatic Black & White and then a photo. When you load a photo, there’s always that random default preset that will appear on your photo. Next tap on the presets and tap on Infrared. You will noticed I have the Faded Periwinkle preset saved onto the app already. I will show you how to save it as a preset.

Recently Added-588

But for first I need to show you how to make the preset on the app, tap on Infrared 3 in the Infrared preset section. Second make your adjustments like shown in the second screen shot. Third adjust the tone, sharpen, brighten and contrast just like in the screen shot.

Recently Added-589

Now after you made your preset, tap on the save button and tap on save preset. Type in the name of the preset and save it. You’ll see in the last screen shot with all the other Faded presets below. I’ve made 3 other presets besides Faded Periwinkle.

Dramatic Black & White Demo (Faded Periwinkle)

This is what your edit should look like after you’re done with Dramatic Black and White.

Recently Added-590

Next I want to smooth out the photo, so I load it onto Noiseware. I like the default setting so I will save it. Normally I’ll play around with the different settings to find what I like.

Noiseware Demo (Faded Periwinkle)

This is the final Faded Periwinkle edit. I like how my photos look in this style because it’s dramatic in a different way. This edit works with certain types of photos, like show up above. You can try it with other types of photos and experiment and let me know if you find something else.

Faded Periwinkle Set - 1

Now if you done wanted to spend the money on Noiseware, you can get NoiseMaster by Lucky Clan instead. NoiseMaster does a pretty good job in taking noise out of your photos. If you have an Android Smartphone, you can get close to the same results with this editing style. There is an app list below that will take you to the App Store (US) and Google Play Store for Android (US). There’s also Camera FV-5 added to the list for Android users for noise reduction.

App List:

Dramatic Black & White – $1.99
Dramatic Black & White HD – $1.99
Noiseware – $3.99
NoiseMaster – $1.99
Dramatic Black & White for Android – $1.99
Camera FV-5 (Android Only) – $3.95

If you have any questions about this blog post, please leave comments or email me Have a great Labor Day Weekend and see you soon !!!



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3 Responses to Combo Apps/Faded Periwinkle for iOS and Android

  1. joooolya says:

    Tina, I like this Faded Periwinkle style. Thanks for sharing the details on how to create it.

  2. rjllane says:

    Hello Tina (ashcroft54).

    A great new “look”. I still like “Crispy B&W”, but this is a more complex filter result – more subtlety. Thanks also for the tutorial for how to create a preset in Dramatic Black and White.

    Take care 🙂 … MomentsForZen (Richard)

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