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The other day JixiPix put out a new app called RipPix. Of course I had to get the app because Modern Grunge hasn’t been working that great, I will have an answer for that toward the end of the blog post of what happened to Appnotix apps. The image up above was edited with RipPix.

Recently Added-572

I load up the app and you can see it’s blank. I load a photo up. When you load your photo, it will pick a random edit. If you don’t like the random preset, you can tap on the star button and bunch of presets will appear. Then scroll through the presets and pick what you like.

Recently Added-573

After you find the preset your like, you have the option of loading another photo on top of your original photo. What this does is add a layer you can cut up on top of your photo. This will look like a cut out and paste style image. You also have the other option of cutting the original photo you edited first. I’m going to place another photo top of my original photo. After you place the photo on top of each other, you can start cutting.

Recently Added-574

I cut the image up like a flower to go with the grassy background. It took me a few cuts until I found something I like. There is a circle arrow button you can tap on to redo your cutting. However when you tap the redo button, you have to start cutting all over again. I hope they will add an update to only redo one cut, instead of everything you cut up in the future. Sometimes I mess up with just one cut and it’s a pain to start all over again.

Recently Added-576

If you like the way you made your cuts, you can save them as presets and name the preset. Save your preset and it will show up at the end of the original presets RipPix came with.

RipPix Flower Rip Demo

This is my finished image, Flower Rip. I like how this came out. You images automatically saves at 3264 x 2448 resolution. RipPix has given me come creative editing ideas. It’s a well polished app. One of the things I do noticed was trying to add a PNG file will crash the app. I’m hoping they will add PNG files in the future. They also need to add shadowing on the cuts to make you image have that 3D look. I also wanted them to add border width slider to adjust the thickness of the cuts. Overall it’s a really great start with the app.

Some of your have asked why should I get RipPix ? Now before I answer that question, I was told to be quiet about this news because JixiPix wanted to make an official announcement but people are asking me questions. This is the unofficial announcement, I have Modern Grunge(HD) and Ripped from Reality(HD). Those apps have been pulled from the App Store, in fact all Appnotix apps have been pulled from the App Store. The reason is JixiPix acquired all the app from Appnotix. For some of you who have the Appotix apps, know that over time those apps will not work with future iOS updates. If you’ve started to use Appnotix apps on iOS 8, they seem to be a bit clunky and glitchy. My recommendation is to buy RipPix while it’s on sale for $.99. The app is universal to the iPad and works really well with iOS 8 and future iOS updates to come.

App List:

RipPix iOS – $.99 SALE
RipPix for Android – $.99 SALE
RipPix for MAC – $4.99 SALE
RipPix for Windows – $4.99 SALE

I want to thank JixiPix for letting me review RipPix. If you have any questions please leave comments or email me Have a great day and see you soon !!!



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4 Responses to Combo Apps/RipPix by JixiPix

  1. Hi!
    Thanks for the review.
    Really liked your edit.
    Didn’t like the ideia that I bought apps that I can’t really use anymore… Or won’t be able in the near future… And now I have to buy AGAIN another app, that I don’t know for how long will work too. It’s kind of a frustrating thing…
    Thanks again!

  2. creatiwu says:

    Nice review. Never seen something similar to this app.

  3. Nanashi says:

    this is great news! Glad the rip app still lives … Just bought it … Thanks for the review!

  4. eucalyptha says:

    Thanks for the blog. I just love the jixipix apps. Like what you did with the pic.

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