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Sumoing Press Image

Adult coloring has become a popular way to relax and enjoyable. I’ve recently discovered it from working with the kids at school last year. The first adult coloring app I have and sill use is Colorfy. The other day I got an email to check out Sumoing’s latest app called Recolor. It’s the latest Sumoing app to come out for adult coloring.

Recently Added-568

You always start off with a default pre-loaded image to start your coloring. I wanted to use a different image to color instead. If you noticed there is an in-app purchase to unlock all the images. Each category only has about 5 images in each category to color on, for now I’m just using what they have before I buy the rest.

Recently Added-5

Here I started to color in my fancy fish…but the only thing I wish they would do is offer more colors on the side rather than the 5 colors at the bottom of the screen. They also don’t have basic primary colors which I feel should be a must when it comes to coloring. You do have to share Recolor with friends on Facebook to unlock all of the colors.

Recently Added-6

I finished coloring in my fancy fish…so what do I do next ? Just tap check button on the upper right hand corner…

Recently Added-7

You will go to this next section, which to pick your color medium effects. One of the coolest things to be offered on adult coloring app.

Recolor by Sumoing

I end up picking Acryl for my color texture. You’re pretty much stuck with the watermark at the bottom of your image. I don’t see a price listed for remove watermark. Recolor is FREE, universal to the iPad and has in-app purchases. If you have any questions about this blog post, please leave comment or email me Check out this cool app and happy coloring !!!



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2 Responses to Combo Apps/Recolor by Sumoing

  1. About Recolor and Colorfy. Liking both, but let’s talk about pricey products… Recolor doesn’t offer yet enough, in my opinion, that’s worth $4.99 and Colorfy is simply abusive with the subscription prices. Well, for americans maybe not so much, but for us on the other side of the hemisphere with the $1 = R$4, is VERY expensive… But… For those that can I say go for it! They are fun apps to have in your arsenal! Even if your just playing with the free version, like me… 😉

    • ashcroft54 says:

      I think they’re both expensive but Recolor is a better app between the two. Recolor, colours in the spaces better. I’m not buying into any of the in-app purchases.

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