Combo Apps/Apple USB Cable Protectors

Everyone been looking for a better solution to make your Apple Cables last longer. Today I came across this solution or alternative on Kickstarter to make your Apple cables last longer without the dreaded fraying.

4 Colors for 30 Adapter

You have your choice of 4 colors to choose from. They offer the old 30 pin adapter for iPhone 4/4S and older iPod touches.

4 Colors for Lightning Adapter

They have them in the Lightning adapters too. The picture show you how they fit in the adapter.


You get the USB end protection too. Estimated delivery is October 2015, so make your pledges today. They start at $6 for one set, $11 for two sets, $22 for 4 sets and jump up to $55 for 12 sets. This product is great and I would get at least 2 sets or more of these case adapters. When I’m talking about a set it’s the Lightning or 30 Pin end and USB end.

Click here if you want to make a pledge today !!!



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6 Responses to Combo Apps/Apple USB Cable Protectors

  1. Andrea Davis says:

    It looks like they could be a bit longer, so more of where the cords become frayed is covered by the plastic.

  2. eucalyptha says:

    Now that is a great idea!!

  3. Ravi Challa says:

    Hey that is something new and interesting! And I only knew about cables and I am using some PTron USB cables for my iphone 4. I think cable protectors with various hues is new for me! Where can I find it?

  4. Kevin Glover says:

    Do you have a product that keeps two USB cables(male to female) connection from pulling apart?

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