Combo Apps/Ithalu Dominguez Presents The 1.6x Macro (closeup) Lens

Itha's 17mm 1.6 Macro Lens and Swapping Lens Clip

Today I wanted to show off these Threaded 17.5mm 1.6x Macro (closeup) Lens and Swapping Clip by DCkina. But this time I’m going to do the review from a different point of view. This lens is different from the typical macro lens because much of a range you can get in focus with this lens. Sometimes you want more background with your macro photos than really closeup in your face details. I asked Ithalu some questions about the lens. You will also see the photos she took with the lens. I put her photos in a college because she gave me a lot of photos.

1.6x Macro (closeup) Set 1

How do you like the 1.6 lens and clip ?

Itha: “I definitely like it. I can focus almost all the subject so I get clearer shots and more background.”

Will you use the lens and clip on your iPod touch ?

Itha: “Of course !!! That was one of the reasons that I bought it because I can used it on my iPod touch and iPad mini. It’s very easy to attach & remove from both mobile devices. I also have other lenses for this clip that I can change if I want to take different type of macro photo.”

Was it worth the money ?

Itha: “Yes, for that price you get a good quality lens. It was within my budget and most people could afford it.”

1.6x MAcro (closeup) Lens Set 2

Do you like how your photos look shooting with this lens ?

Itha: “Yes, I really like how my pictures look. I can play more with the composition.”

Do you recommend this lens ? How high is your recommendation ?

Itha: “I highly recommend it if you want a lens that can focus all your subject, play with the composition and something different from really closeup macro lenses. I was looking for this type of macro lens because I wanted more depth of field type of photos. You also get some really nice bokeh when the light hits it just right with this lens. Sometimes I don’t always want to shoot really up close. I like all different types of macro photographer and wanted to try all different types of style. I know I’ll be shooting more with the lens in the future.”

1.6x Macro (closeup) Lens Set 3

Product List:

Threaded (Screw-in, 17.5mm) 1.6X Macro (close up) Lens – $7.59
Swapping Clip for Smartphones/Tablets – $6.95

I want to thank Ithalu Dominguez for her helpful point of view and experience from using this lens. I’m really grateful for her help with this blog post. One day I hope she knows that these types of blog posts are helpful for other readers. Sometimes people like to read from someone else’s point of view. I have this lens too but Itha takes better photos with her lens. If you have any questions about this blog post please leave comment or email me Have a great day and see you soon !!!



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5 Responses to Combo Apps/Ithalu Dominguez Presents The 1.6x Macro (closeup) Lens

  1. juliennelw says:

    What other lens/es would you recommend as a 2nd one you yourself would use?

  2. rjllane says:

    Hello Tina (ashcroft54). A lovely post with beautiful photographs – so bright and cheerful – showing off the splendour of the small creatures and flowers. But Tina, you are too modest about your own macro photographs – they, also, are a treat to behold. Have a bright, sunny day.

    🙂 … MomentsForZen (Richard)

  3. Nanashi says:

    Thanks for the info both of you … I already placed my order for their quick clip … Maybe on my next order I’ll try these … Great photos!

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