Combo Apps/Inmacus 18mm HD Wide-Angle Lens

My Inmacus HD Wide-Angle Lens Kit

Yesterday I had this great plan of taking photos around Downtown because I was super excited about this new wide-angle lens I got. Well when I got to a Starbucks to some drink coffee and prepare myself to take photos in Downtown. I forgot the lens clip adapter. I was really upset with myself for forgetting this crucial piece of equipment. Even when I got to downtown, I couldn’t even take a lot of pictures with my iPhone. You’re wondering how I’m going to write this review for this lens. Well I just took photos around my house, then made a plan to take another trip downtown after my doctor’s appointment and do another blog post on those photos in the future.

Up on the top are two photos, the first photo on the left is what the packing looks like when you get the lens. The second photo is all the things you get with the lens, Lens Adapter Clip, HD Wide-Angle Lens, HD 5+ Filter, HD Circular Polarize Filter (CPL), big white cleaning cloth, front lens cap, rear lens cap and a small black velvet bag to store your gear.

My Inmacus HD Wide-Angle Lens.

My biggest concern was the lens clip, if the clip will work with a screen protector. I did email Inmacus and the told me it will work with even a tempered glass screen protector. How the clip works is it has these two button on the side of the clip. You push the button at the same time and slide down the clip and take your fingers off the button.

Grip Pad

What keeps the clip from ruining your screen protector is this rubber grip. The rubber grip helps keep the clip in place and won’t destroy your screen protector. What else is well thought out design on the clip is the lens hole fits perfectly in place over the camera on your iPhone. When you place the clip on your iPhone you will hear it click in place. You can also see the lens hole fits perfectly over the camera. This is how you don’t end up with vignette corners and blurry edges in your photos. I figured this out after taking a few photos for the first time, I didn’t have the clip in place and didn’t hear the click in place.

Wide-Angle vs No Wide-Angle

Here are two comparisons taken with the lens on and lens off. The top photos has the lens on and the bottom has the lens off. This lens has a true edge to edge sharpness. It’s sharper, lighter and cheaper than Moment Lenses. You don’t have to commit to Moment’s bayonet system, which detours you from using other mobile lenses. If you don’t believe me then read this review on Moment Lenses. What else is nice about this lens if you need a case, just get a cheap case and cut around the area you need to clip on this lens. I use iPhone 6 plus “NAKED” with a Shoulderpod S1 grip. I felt really secure using my iPhone without a case. All I cared about was having a good grip on my iPhone to take the photos I wanted.

Closeup Filter Test 5x

The 5+ HD Closeup Filter is more like a telephoto and not a macro. This filter is great for mobile street photographer. If you look at the comparison photos, you will see what I’m talking about. The first photo was a regular photo and the second was taken with the 5+ HD Closeup Filter.

CPL Test

The CPL works pretty good at filtering out reflections. Sorry the second photo is blurry but you see I’m trying to go for filtering in and out with the reflection on the glass table.

My over all opinions on this lens is the Inmacus HD Wide-Angle Lens is worth the money. You can beat the edge to edge sharpness, keeping your screen protector with a well designed clip system, light weight, easy to use, no commitment and price. The two cons are it’s only made for iPhone 6/6 plus and you sacrifice a case. I don’t think you’re sacrificing much when you can use a Shoulderpod S1 on your iPhone. The Inmacus HD Wide-Angle Lens Kit sells for $59.90. It comes in two colors, Silver or Gold. If you’re a serious Mobile Photographer or Movie Make, GET THIS LENS KIT !!! It’s extremely high on my recommendations list.

I want to thank the team at Inmacus for letting me review their lens. If you have any questions about this blog post, please leave comments or email me Have a great day and see you soon !!!!

One of the last things I wanted to add on the blog post was the different in viewing and making videos with the Inmacus 18mm HD Wide-Angle Lens. The first video was shot with ProCamera 8 with no lens. Sorry about the sun glare in the water.

The second video was shot with ProCamera 8 again with the 18mm HD Wide-Angle Lens. Again, sorry about the sun glare in the water but you can see a difference between the two videos. If you’re looking for a well made wide-angle lens for making movies, this is a great lens to invest and start with.



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  1. eucalyptha says:

    Wow this is a lens I could really use. Thanks for the information.

  2. Rachel Pourchier says:

    I like the lens…are they planning a telephoto? I really like your link also for the shoulder pod grip…..have you used this?

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