Combo Apps/Jonathan’s Birthday 2015

Another birthday party has passed at Jonathan’s and I had a great time. This time I’m just going to post more photos and fewer words. We all know the pictures will tell the story of the event.

Jonathan's Birthday Party

Jonathan has a new dog in his life. Her name is Opie and was life at the party.

Jonathan's House 1

I always like taking photos inside his house.

Succulents in a container

One of the nicest things are the table decoration. He has this long outdoor table with three medium size plant containers. They are filled with beautiful succulents that are over flowing in each container.

Jonathan's Garden 1

Jonathan's Garden 2

Jonathan's Garden 3

One of the best things to see is Jonathan’s Garden. I always try to make my rounds and take as many photos as I can around the garden. Some of the areas are pretty dense and other parts have these nice little pathways to get lost in. I spend a good hour walking around and taking photos in his garden.

Figs on the counter

Figs at the party…another birthday party has come and went…I hop your enjoyed the photos and see you next year.



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4 Responses to Combo Apps/Jonathan’s Birthday 2015

  1. Julienne says:

    Beautiful photos that tell a story and I can’t even tell it’s been taken with a s͙m͙a͙r͙t͙p͙h͙o͙n͙e͙! Did you use an app or just your native smartphone c͙a͙m͙e͙r͙a͙? You have an iPhone 6 + right?

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