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ProCam 2 - 1

Today I’m going to write about ProCam 2. Someone asked me why I haven’t written about the app and my honest opinions. To be honest I have the app but don’t use it at all. I have tried it and played with it. First I’ll give you the run through of the app and my opinions at the end of the post. The top photo up above was taken with ProCam 2.

ProCam 2 Screenshot 1 English 5.5 Screen

When you load up the app, you have the normal functions of most camera apps.

ProCam 2 Screenshot 2 English 5.5 Screen

This you aspect ratio settings and grid settings. You also have different resolution and formats from camera to video.

ProCam 2 Screenshot 3 English 5.5 Screen

These are your live filter packs. There are two filters pack you can unlock at $.99 eash or unlock them all for $1.99. I’m find using the filters that they came with for now.

ProCam 2 Screenshot 4 English 5.5 Screen

They have manual controls, easy to use like most camera apps.

ProCam 2 Screenshot 5 English 5.5 Screen

If you want 4K video, you have to pay $4.99 to unlock it. There is also 4K time-lapse you have to pay $2.99 to unlock. For me, I’m happy with 1080 HD video.

ProCam 2 - 2

I feel the biggest misconceptions with developers that design camera apps are adding filter packs, trying to be analog, keeping up with the Jones and adding tools we don’t need. Those are the formulas that make a bad camera app, because it’s become the common formulas. It doesn’t help having a bunch of tools at your disposal when you try to shoot a simple photo with a camera app and the app crashes. Especially when you have the latest iPhone with the latest hardware, operating on the latest iOS and you can’t shoot any photo because it crashes. It doesn’t help to have 4K video, when you can only watch your videos on a computer monitor that has 4K support, 4K TV or You Tube. I feel mobile devices aren’t ready for 4K video until it’s becomes a standard. Right now the standard is 1080 HD, that is fine for me and most people. ProCam 2 is a jam pack app that full of tools you really don’t need for the average person. I get that they want to be ready for the future. But how can you be ready for the future, when your average tools aren’t stable. I read the review in the App Store who swear by this app. I was asked to write about this app. This app doesn’t impress me, when the developers are trying so hard to keep up with the Jones. They really need to step back for a moment and not worry about being trendy. ProCam 2 does have some nice tools when the app is stable, but that’s about it. I will stick to ProCamera 8.

ProCam 2 – $3.99 with in-app purchases
ProCam XL 2 – $3.99 with in-app purchases

If you have any questions about this blog post, please leave comments or email me Have a nice day and see you soon…



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5 Responses to Combo Apps/ProCam 2

  1. eucalyptha says:

    Honest review. Thanks

  2. I agree. as a camera app to take photos, I rarely use it. I did for a short period of time but it seems that after a certain update, there was just too many bells and whistles to be what it had been (I think you nailed it on your crit).
    it wasn’t until Instagram got their video uploading to loop seamlessly that I found an entirely different use for it as a short, 15 second (or shorter) video editor. importing videos taken with certain video apps like Videomator which won’t load into Instagram or Vine or Cinamatic .. that is unless you bring them thru Pro Cam 2 first. wether you do any editing within the app doesn’t seem to make a difference, tho I have found that the mirroring effect interesting, the individual RGB values, and the grain control to be occasionally useful. but possibly the biggest use I get out of the video editing component is the cropping … cropping a stroke by stroke Autodesk Sketchbook Pro video down to a more pleasing square composition is something I do every time I make time-lapse videos in AutoDesk SB Pro.
    As far as what metadata is being changed to make these incompatible apps (Videomator – Instagram, Vine, Cinamatic) work together with pro cam 2, I’m not sure – but it works.
    the other big bonus is the ability to give your own tag line at the bottom of your photos and videos if taken from the app. this is something that I have yet to see in any other camera app.

    so as a camera app, yeah … I’ve had a few really lucky shots of Pardons Falcons in my neighborhood that I couldn’t have gotten with any other camera app. and the last lightning/thunderstorm we had I managed a total transcendentally accidental long exposure setting that snapped a decent lighting streak in my backyard. but other than that … I’d rather use polar these days for real photography (thinking about the upgrade, but I don’t know if it’s necessary .. it utilizes the iPhone5s capabilities to their full potential. I wonder what the 6 would look like????)
    thanks ComboApps!!!

    • ashcroft54 says:

      I think what would of been smart is if they made a separate video app. They chose to do a separate camera app instead. To be honest it was hard to write this review with out going off on this developer. I just feel their priorities are in the wrong place. I used to test their apps until they kicked me off. They kicked me off because I didn’t agree with them. Since I’m female, they talk down to me and assume I don’t know anything technical. It’s the biggest problem in the tech world today. They do some really ass backwards solutions.

      • that is deplorable. I had a recent issue with an app developer myself, and the bottom line is that the app is terrible. And since mine is there only one star review, well you get the point he asked me to take it down.

        I don’t think you should hold back on your reviews especially considering what you just told me. I’ll probably have a hard time using any other stuff anymore now. honestly.

      • ashcroft54 says:

        One thing I’ve learn with writing through the years is diplomacy. I can only say so much about a developer. People need to figure it out on their own. It’s really obvious the developers are focused on what will push sales for their apps. They don’t listen to people, all they want you to say is “I love this app.” They can’t stand critical reviews and being point out the obvious.

        I’m wondering if people have figured out if their formulas that are sent in from Stackables. Are being used in their recent released app Formula. If that’s true, the developers will be in a whole lot of trouble. Especially when they kept asking me for new formula submissions and only feature some of the submissions.

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