Combo Apps/Lightcase (Original) Pop Up Studio

Studio photography can be costly with equipment to finding the right photographer. Some people just don’t have the money or time, especially when you just want a few product shots for your website, Esty or eBay. You want it to be quick and easy. You also have a smartphone with a powerful camera and unsure how to get the perfect shot to post what you’re trying to sell. How do you find these solutions to your problems ? It’s simple !!! I want to introduce your to Lightcase (Original) Pop Up Studio for your smartphone.

My Lightcase

This is my Lightcase (Original) Pop Up Studio. You get the case, three back drops (white, black and frosted clear) and instructions on how to put it all together. When you put it together, the case is stiff and a little hard to put it together. Whatever you do, make sure you’re calm and cool. The last thing you want to is get frustrated, get angry and tear it all up. Over time and prolong use the Lightcase will be easier to put together and take apart. It does fold up nicely when you’re done and slides back in the big envelope you got it in for safe storage.

Flash off and Flash on - Black

Black back drop with flash off and flash on.

Flash off and Flash on - White

White back drop with flash off and flash on.

Flash off and Flash on - Frosted Clear

Frosted clear back drop with flash off and flash on.

Overhead Shot

There is a hole cutout on the top so you sit your smartphone flat and tap overhead shots. I did an overhead shot and cropped in the photo a bit.


Lightcase (Original) sells for $39 and well worth its weight in gold. What I like about the Lightcase is how portable and easy it is to use. You don’t have to be a pro studio photographer. I’m not an expert at studio photography but this is an ideal product for me going forward for future product reviews. Lightcase is very handy for what I need and it’s smartphone to DSLR friendly. It’s truly handy for anyone who wants to shoot simple product photos without a huge costly setup and complicated take downs.

I want to thank Dom Crinson for letting me review the Lightcase. If you have any question please leave comments or email me Have a great day and see you soon !!!



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