Combo Apps/ Anatomy Series and Matter Update 1.3

Anatomy Series, I’ve been asked how do I make these edits and will I publish a tutorial ? Well, with the new update on Matter and beta testing Matter, I’ve decided to publish the tutorial. The top video is a breakdown slide show of how I made the first 10 images. The tutorial was published on Steller. The two books I published on Steller were really popular. I think probably the most popular thing I’ve ever posted on social media platform to date. The DIY (do it yourself) book will tell you where the concept of the series came from and break down of each of the apps I’ve used. What makes this series special is I only used three app from Pixtie. The goal of the project was to use these apps so my images didn’t look trendy. I wanted them to go beyond the trend and hopefully transcend these images over time. Then I go into details of how my editing process works.

Now I’m working on the next set of 10 images. I was beta testing Matter with the ability to add music clip with reactions from the 3D polygon forms/shapes. This was my first Anatomy Series edit from beta testing and posted on Instagram. It’s called Concentration (motion).

Anatomy Series Cover

I make a still version and a motion version for each edit. The still edits were put on a collage for the book cover on Steller, like shown up above.

Background and Google Image

I start with these two images on Union. The first image is my own and edited with Spare Lens. I normally use a plain photo I shot as the background. This time I did something a little different and use an edited image in the background. The second I Googled and saved on my iPhone. I do these edits on my iPhone since I have a larger screen to work with and easier on my eyes.

Union Edit

Then I blend and layer the two images together and crop into a square with Union. I highly recommend not to transfer you images without saving them first. Even with my iPhone 6 plus, the apps tend to crash on you during each app transfer. The crashes happen after prolong use of the apps and whatever is running in the background of your iPhone.

Shift Edit

Next I run the image through Shift and play around with it. This part takes me the longest because I’m playing with color, textures and blending modes. I can spend a good hour just using Shift. After you find what you like, save your image before transfer.

Recently Added-479

Last app I use is Matter, first I will look for the right form to fit my image. Next I will place it and line it to how I like for the still image save. When everything looks great, I will save the image as a still.

When I do the video save, it’s trickier and harder to do. I have to watch how the shape/form move on my images and adjust them. Sometimes when I use the app too long it will crash and I have to start over again. Video takes up a lot of memory, so I have to be quick with the edit and try not to overthink it. Normally I’m very anal about editing and like thing to look and run perfectly. The video cam out really nice and I’m happy with the edit.

I have done 6 edits so far and have 14 more to go. My plan is to finish the next 4 images with the Matter on board music blips. I’m hoping to make my music clips with the Launchpad app for the next 10 Anatomy images. After I make my 20 images then I will publish them on Steller in two books.

Pixite App List:

Union – $1.99
Shift – $.99
Matter – $1.99 with in-app purchases

All apps are universal to the iPad and require iOS 7+. If you have any questions about this blog post please leave comments. Have a great day and make sure you update Matter if you have it or go out and buy it !!!



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6 Responses to Combo Apps/ Anatomy Series and Matter Update 1.3

  1. Charlie Schober says:

    My first time to your blog ! Awesome ! Tutorial I follow your combo app on IG but will be a regular here now ! I checked out Launchpad and love it- was wondering if you knew the best way to save it to use as an audio clip when making music videos I use Perfect Video to mix my Matter app edits together and usually use an iTunes song for my music I know you can use an audio clip but not sure how to best save what I make with Launchpad so I can post on Instagram any suggestions? I’m chasschober on Instagram By the way ! Thanks

  2. Charlie Schober says:

    I just figured out you can email, save and open directly in perfect video ( launchpad mixes) -who knew!

  3. eucalyptha says:

    This is great. Thanks for sharing!!

  4. laurencelz says:


    Pass this on might only be for the next day or so!

    Audio bus for iOS is on sale for 99¢ !!!! This is the app to use to connect launchpad and other apps ! I just bought it.

    Be well


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