Combo Apps/Rosewood Hand Grip for ZTYLUS iPhone 6/6plus Cases

Rosewood Hand Grip by Ztylus

Sometimes you need a better grip on your iPhone to get a better shot of your subjects. Now with bigger iPhones, it’s important to have that better grip when you take photos. I wanted to introduce to you the Rosewood Grip by Ztylus for iPhone 6/6 plus cases.

Rosewood Hand Grip iPhone 6/6plus

These are the actual sizes of the Rosewood Hand Grips for iPhone 6/6plus.

My Rosewood Grip for iPhone 6 plus

This is my Rosewood Hand Grip for my iPhone 6 plus. It’s a solid piece of rosewood carved into a grip that you attach to your Ztylus case. The screw will not fall out. I did some tests to make sure and the screw stayed in the grip. The other thing too is when you screw down the grip, make sure you use a small flat-head screwdriver. Don’t use a coin because you can’t screw in the grip tight with a coin. You want to make sure you’ve screw the grip and lined up the holes with the case to make it lock tight. It’s really important to do it this way. The last thing you want is holding your iPhone and it falls out on you while you’re out taking photos.

Two different Ztylus case ends

I was informed that the metal cases work better with the grip. I asked for a metal piece to test this out. I did try both pieces and the metal pieces worked a lot better.

My Ztylus with Rosewood Hand Grip

This is my iPhone 6 plus with the Rosewood Hand Grip with my Ztylus case. I really like how the grip complements the case. It makes your iPhone look and feel like a real camera. At first when I had the grip on, it did taking getting use to but after awhile the grip feels natural. It also makes it easier to take photos with the grip.

Rosewood Hand Grip is only made for the iPhone 6/6 plus Ztylus cases. The sell for $29.95 and worth picking up. You can get a 25% off discount when your order the Rosewood Hand Grip. The code is ASHCROFT54. I want to thank Thomas Chen and the Ztylus team for letting me review this product. If you have an questions, please leave comments or email me Have a great day and see you soon !!!



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  2. Rosa Hollie says:

    My 6 Plus phone case is damage. I need case in golden color. Please advice me from where I buy it? I search some stores but can’t get any my favorite case. Please advice me some online store. Thanks in advance

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