Combo Apps/Simply Photo Editor for iPad

There was an app that same out a couple days ago called Simple Photo Editor for iPad by Dropico. It the latest powerful editing app that Dropico has released on the iPad. The video up above shows you how the app operates.

Simple Demo

This is my edited photo done with Simple. I’m a little disappointed to the fact of how your stuck with one format save. When you load a square, you end up with a 4/3 format save and cuts down the resolution with these white borders on the sides.


– It’s powerful editing app
– Many filter packs stock
– Many pre-loaded photos to practice with the app
– Powerful editing tools
– Original user interface


– Not user friendly and non-intuitive
– Not enough basic editing tools
– Takes up lots of space on the iPad
– iPad only
– Same filter packs as Master FX
– Redundant from previous apps
– Resolution saves 2048 x 1536

Simple Photo Editor for iPad is FREE for a limited time, iPad only and requires iOS 8. This app is not my cup of tea but might be for others. Even with the app being offered FREE, it’s still a disappointment. The app does run a little slow. Especially in this day and age, when mobile devices are more powerful and have taken the place of DSLR cameras and desktop/laptop computers. You’d think you would get high resolution saves, faster rendering and better response from this app. I’m hoping with future update this app will get better over time. If you have any questions about this blog post, please leave comments or email me Have a nice day and happy editing !!!



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