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I got a tweet from these guys at IndieVice. I decided to check them out. They made their goal in 8 days and looking for stretch funding from anyone who wants to buy into this mobile rig unit. What they are offering are two more colors White and Red. If you’re a serious mobile cinematography or love making mobile video projects, IndieVice is for you. I’m not going to write too much in details. I will post some photos up about the product and have this blog post linked to the project at the end of this blog post.

IndieVice - 4

The IndieVice will be universal to these smartphones.

IndieVice - 2

Here is an example of the things your can put or load on top of rig.

IndieVice - 1

The combinations of what you can do with IndieVice are endless. You can add a GoPro to Sony QX lenses to just about anything that’s cinematic or SLR. I don’t see many rigs that are this universal with many options. If you’re interested in buying into IndieVice, then check out the rewards >HERE< and order yours today before times runs out. There is less than 2 weeks left for this campaign. They need you in order to make this happen.



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