Combo Apps/Gwee Products

The other day I saw pop up ad on Facebook about this product. I thought this was one cool product…

Then I went on Gwee’s website and saw all these other cool products…

I knew this was something I had to get my hands on and write a review…

Sometimes when you need a screen cleaner, you don’t have access to a spray bottle and a cloth or you’ve misplaced your microfiber cleaning cloth. Here’s the solution to those problems, Gwee !!! Gwee is made safe to clean your mobile devices screen to your laptop screen to your glasses with hygienically clean Ultra-Fresh’s™ Anti-Microbial Process.

My GWEE Products

This is my Gwee package, button, racer, leaf and sport guppy. They come in a vibrant colors so you don’t loose them. They are very durable and nice to have with you in your camera bag or on the go with you. I like all of their products. They are great to give as gifts. This is one of the most handy cleaning products I’ve used so far. I keep the Gwee Leaf in my camera bag and use the Gwee Racer on my iPad. What makes this product great is it work on anything with a screen. So if you have Android products, they still work.

Before and After with GWEE Button

Here is my before and after with the Gwee Button on my iPhone 4S screen. As you can see the button works well even on really dirty screens.

Product List:

Gwee Button – $12.99 2 pack
Gwee Racer – $12.99
Gwee Leaf – $12.99 4 pack
Gwee Sport Guppy – $12.99 2 pack

Join the Gwee Club and Save 25% on Your First Order !!! All you have to do is sign up on their mailing list with your email to get the discount.

I want to thank Rachael and the Gwee team for letting me write a review about their products. If you have any questions please leave comments, contact Gwee at or email me Have a great day and remember to keep your screens clean with GWEE !!!



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