Combo Apps/Bitpoem formerly known as Exposure

Exposue has change the name of the app to Bitpoem. They also did some critical updates with the app too. It’s still one of the best photo editing apps out there. It’s powerful, yet simple to use for professional looking edits all done on your iOS devices. I had the privilege to try it out the day before the update was released in the App Store. The app runs a lot smoother with no hang ups on my iPad 4 anymore. The user interface is sleek and has some new effects added to the update.

So when you’re looking for Exposure just type in Bitpoem and you’ll find it instantly now. No more scrolling and looking for this app anymore. Bitpoem sells for $2.99, universal to the iPad and requires iOS 7+.

If you have any questions about this blog post, please leave comments or email me Have avgreat day and see you soon !!!



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One Response to Combo Apps/Bitpoem formerly known as Exposure

  1. eucalyptha says:

    I love this app. I use it a lot!!

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