Combo Apps/Lightcase Pro

Lightcase Pro is really close to their funding their product with less than a week to go. If you’re looking for a portable light box studio to take product shots with your iPhone or any Smartphone, this is something you might need.


Last year we launched the Lightcase original on Kickstarter with a fantastic response and great feedback (you can see it here). This is the original Lightcase.

Recently Added-661

This is how compact the original Lightcase. You could fold it up and put it in an envelope it came in and store it away easily.

Lightcase Pro

You asked for bigger so we bring you the Lightcase PRO:

-Bigger by 175%
-Expandable design – join multiple units together
-More diffusion – the thicker material enhances the diffused natural light
-Simpler – quicker and easier to set up
-Stronger – more stable structure
-Adaptable – open up the possibilities by opening the back, sides or top

Lightcase Pro New Design Layout

How the Lightcase Pro new design layout and functions. You can also add and connect Lightcase Pros together.

Lightcase Pro Packing

It still packs away like the original Lightcase and easy to store away. Check out the campaign on Lightcase Pro HERE !!! If you have any questions about this blog post please leave comments on this post or on the Kickstarter campaign. They are so close and you could make this project a reality !!! Have a great evening and see you soon !!!



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  1. eucalyptha says:

    Very cool. It might be handy to have one!!

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