Combo Apps/Deluxe Selfie Kit with Remote and 2.0 Extender for GoPro

XSHOTS Selfie Stick and GoPro Stick

Selfie sticks aren’t always about taking seflies, it can also be used for creative angle shots too. There are so many different brand mono sticks out there but I like to stick with names I know, like xshot. The company has been around since 2007 that’s when the first iPhone came out. The have kept up with the times just like the ever-changing iPhone design. But they also specialize in other smartphones and GoPro action cameras. It’s been over a year since I’ve written about mono sticks. So it’s time to look at what’s changed, improved or been added since then. I’m going to check out two mono sticks, XShot Deluxe Selfie Kit with Remote and XShot 2.0 Extender for GoPro Cameras with GoPro Mount Adapter to Common Camera 1/4″ show up above.

XSHOT Deluxe Selfie Kit with Remote

Let’s start with XShot Deluxe Selfie Kit with Remote first, these are the item what you get in the package. Includes a selfie stick, Buetooth remote compatible for iOS and Android mobile devices, smartphone holder and strap. The pole extends reach by 31” / 79 cm & closes to 8” / 20cm. Each kit comes in 6 brilliant colors in fully anodized aluminum construction, Blue, Green, Red, Yellow, Pink and Black. Mine happens to be blue, my favorite color.

XSHOT Bluetooth Remote

The Bluetooth remote can be attached to the selfie stick to make photo taking a snap. As you can see it’s small and compact, you can even use the Bluetooth remote for mobile photo set up too.

Bluetooth Connection with Shutter Remote

How you connect the remote to your iPhone is really simple, like show on the two screen shots. Just turn on your Bluetooth and tap on the iOS button on the remote and wait for connected to pop up. Once you’re connected, you’re ready to start shooting photos. The remote works with any app that has Bluetooth capability in the program. I can use this remote with ProCamera 8. You will have to do a lot os trial and error to find out what apps will work with the Bluetooth remote.

XSHOT Selfie Moment

Snap a selfie with your favorite people in your life.

Clouds/Sky Shot with XSHOT and Bluetooth Remote

Or point up and shoot the sky, makes it easy and I don’t have to strain myself shooting upwards. The Deluxe Selfie Kit sells for $29.95. It is incredibly light and compact design perfect to take anywhere. When I was holding the stick itself, it felt like a quality product I was holding in my hand.

XSHOT for GoPro

Next are the XShot 2.0 Extender for GoPro Cameras and GoPro Mount Adapter to Common Camera 1/4″. They wanted to send me a durable mono stick to try my iPhone on and see what I think.

My iPhone 4S and 2.0 Extender with GoPro to Common Camera Adapter

This is what it looks like with everything put together with my iPhone 4S. I was really impressed with the GoPro stick because it’s heavier and more durable. I like this stick more than the camera stick because of the base mount. GoPro Pole is compact 9″ / 23 cm and sturdy with a long 38″ / 96 cm reach extension. You have to get the GoPro Mount Adapter to Common Camera 1/4″ to be able to use your iPhone or point and shoot camera. The GoPro Extender sells for $29.99 and the GoPro to Common Camera Adapter sells for $7.95.


Product List:

XShot Deluxe Selfie Kit with Remote – $29.95
XShot 2.0 Extender for GoPro Cameras – $29.99
GoPro Mount Adapter to Common Camera 1/4″ – $7.95
XShot Universal Mobile Phone Holder with tripod mounts – $9.95

If you have any questions you can call xshot 1-866-974-6899, email xshot, leave comments or email me I want to thank the team at xshot for letting me review their products. Have a great day and see you soon !!!



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