Combo Apps/JUUK Premium Apple Watch Bracelets

Yesterday I got a follow on Instagram from @juukdesign, so curiosity got the better of me and went and peaked at the account. I looked at the account and really liked the designs of these bracelets for Apple Watch. I told Eugene Ho to email me. He did and now I’m making a post to help with his crowd fund on Indiegogo.


JUUK Locarno

The top photo is the Revo and the bottom is the Locarno. Both designs really suit the watch very well. I don’t have an Apple Watch but I want both bracelets.

Revo Metal Finishes

Locarno Metal Finishes

Three different metal finishes are offered on both bracelets designs.

Butterfly Clasp

The bracelets have a butterfly buckle clasp.

This is how you put on a JUUK bracelets on Apple Watch.

This is how you make the bracelet adjustments.

Stretch Fund Goal for JUUK

Stretch Funding Goal – Now THIS Is Cool !!!

While most product packaging is an afterthought, we’re thinking outside the box, so to speak. We’re collaborating with a Japanese packaging company and are in the design and development stages of a very cool, environmentally friendly, reusable packaging concept. Our intention is to create a packaging system that includes:

1) an aluminum charging stand that you can use on your desk or bedside table (you’ll need to use your own Apple charging disk/cord that came with the Watch)

2) a solid, reusable box where you can insert the aluminum stand with your Watch mounted (with the EVA pillow to add stability)

Now, you can store it or transport it freely with the peace of mind that your Watch is securely protected. There’s also a compartment for the charging cable as well as a cutout in the pillow for the included screwdriver.

If we can hit a stretch funding goal of US$75,000, this packaging (final design to be confirmed but we’ll be updating it here) will be shipping with the bracelets…at no extra cost! So please help us spread the word!
One note about the charging stand..if you’re wondering why we’re not creating an angled stand like other companies seem to be making, it’s because we understand how the watch works. Once it’s off your wrist, the Watch is completely silent and devoid of notifications (they resume on your iPhone only), as Apple intended, so you won’t be interacting with it on your desk very much.

JUUK in Action

Overall I feel JUUK is a quality product and deserves support. I wish I had an Apple Watch because I would get both designs in brush metal. I love quality made products that don’t fall apart. These bracelets are made with the highest quality materials, so these bracelets are made to last. The bracelets aren’t just for men but made for women too. So ladies, pick up on this quality bracelet for yourselves. Check out the perks and take advantage of these prices before they go retail. Click >HERE< to check out the campaign and make a pledge.

If you have any questions about this blog post, please leave comments or contact JUUK at >HERE< !!! Have a great day and see you soon !!!



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3 Responses to Combo Apps/JUUK Premium Apple Watch Bracelets

  1. Eugene says:

    Hi Tina, thanks so much for giving me this exposure…it’s invaluable as we start up. One thing though…we prototyped the 38mm Revo for ladies’ (it’s on our website’s gallery but decided not to launch it on this Indiegogo campaign because the estimates out there at the time was that only 20% of Apple Watch sales were for the 38mm version. If we had added this model, it would’ve put our funding target to over US$100K, which we thought was too high. When we are successfully launched, we’ll be offering both 38mm on our website as quickly as possible and even shoot for the same Nov 2015 shipment timeframe (so a Dec delivery). And so as not to seem discriminatory against the smaller Watch, we’re considering offering huge discounts similar to those Indiegogo prices for a limited time so that 38mm Watch owners can benefit as well, and for us, it’s a “Thank you” for their support as we start this brand!

  2. Angelica says:

    Hi there, after reading this amazing article i am also delighted to share my
    knowledge here with colleagues.

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