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Polarr is a high level editing app that came out yesterday in the App Store. It’s not only powerful editing app but really easy to use compared to other powerful editing apps. They advertise it’s, “Pro Photo Editor Made for Everyone.” The set up reminds me of Lightroom without the batch processing. I played with the app for a bit. While I was playing with it, the app gave me a very familiar feeling back when I used to edit DSLR photos. I’m going to give a basic tutorial of how to use the app and opinions at the end of the blog post.

All Photos-5192

I load up Polarr and imported a photo from my camera roll. As you can see, the app has you presets on the left hand side and you editing tools on the right hand side. This is why the set up reminds me of Lightroom so much. You even have a histogram on the upper left hand side. On the top center of your photo are your file information from when you shot your photo.

All Photos-5193

These are your preset menu and if you tap on custom…

All Photos-5194

It’s locked up and…

All Photos-5195

You have to pay to unlock this feature and few others. Now this is how I look at it, if you’re starting out with mobile editing and looking for a powerful tools. Then don’t unlock thee features. Now if you’re an intermediate to advance mobile photo editor, I highly recommend you pay to unlock these features and tools. By the way the app is FREE and with you get for FREE is really nothing to complain about.

All Photos-5196

I found a filter preset I like and messed around with Toning. How you adjust the Toning is placing your finger on the square and move it around until you find something you like. This is how you make all your editing tool adjustments.

Polarr Demo

This is my last edit with Polarr. I like that old faded color print look.

Polarr Demo - 2

Now I did another edit and used the Cinematic filter with no adjustments. Polarr in my opinion is something we need in mobile editing. It breaks up the monotony of the prefabricated controls that a lot of other editing apps seem to be doing. It’s nice to be able to use an app that has a totally different layout. It feels like you’re using a powerful desktop app without the desktop. This is a top-notch mobile editing app. Polarr is FREE with in-app purchase of $4.99 to unlock all the controls. It requires iOS 8.3 and later.

Now here’s something really cool is you can add Polarr Photo Editor 2 on Chrome for FREE on your desktop/laptop. If you have any questions about this blog post please leave comments or email me Have a nice day and see you soon !!!

19000312330_883e5891a2_z (1)


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  1. danmblog says:

    This app looks cool so far! I just grabbed it…

  2. gogoloopie says:

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    My interest has been piqued…

  3. gogoloopie says:

    I really like your last photo of the dandelion, it’s so simple (which is refreshing these days!) and pleasing to look at. That’s all for now. 😛

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