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Retype Press Image

Sumoing has just release a new app called Retype – Typography Photo Editor today in the App Store. The app is a design typography app that you apply on top of your photos.

Retype Press Image


-Universal app, supports iPhone and iPad with max resolution
-Countless font, art and layout combinations with one tap
-Layer fonts, first on mobile
-Ever-growing collection of background photos
-Inspiring quotes in over 10 languages.
-Full Apple Edit Extension support
-Control of colors, opacity, fade and blur
-Clean, easy-to-use interface

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I just got the app today, so I haven’t really got to play with it. But from what I can say for playing around with it for a few minutes is Retype is a lot easier to operate than Over.

Retype Demo

This is what I made today with Retype with a Buddhist quote. It was so easy to make. I think the hardest part the app was choosing the font variations with each of the 15 font categories. I can’t wait for future updates when they add more to the library of fonts. I also see in future update is font placements on top of your photos. Right now everything is centered with the fonts.

Recently Added-1026

Other things I wanted to show you were, the different colors you can change the fonts, change filter backgrounds and adjust the background with the fonts. It’s so easy to use that you will feel like a PRO !!!

Overall one of the easiest and most intuitive typography app that has come out. I’ve used many different typography apps and always felt unsatisfied of being unfinished with what I made with those other apps. Retype gives me that satisfied feeling I’ve finished my edit and ready to post. There are always room for improvements and more fonts to come with this app. But for a 1.0 version for this type of app, Retype is on a AWESOME start and will be one of the few apps you will need for typography editing. I also like the fact you’re not paying up the nose with in-app purchases. Retype sells for $2.99 in the App Store, universal to the iPad and requires iOS 8.

I want to thank Ilkka Teppo and the team at Sumoing for letting me review Retype. If you have any questions about this app please leave comments or contact Sumoing at Also leave reviews in the App Store if you want to see improvements and future updates with Retype. They do listen to their customers and want to make a great experiences for you. Have a great day and see you soon !!!



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7 Responses to Combo Apps/Retype – Typography Photo Editor

  1. I like these kind of apps, but not like Over too much. I think the dial deal within the app is a little… Well, how should I put it? Irritating, maybe. I’ll probably give this one a try.

  2. eucalyptha says:

    I like the Over app but this looks great so will hive this a try!!!

  3. creatiwu says:

    It seems nice!

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  5. gogoloopie says:

    How do you think this compares to Phonto? Since I can remember, Phonto has been my go-to typography, font, etc. app because of its versatility (and ability to import my own fonts from just about anywhere I want as long as it’s in the .TTF or .OTF format). I also love the ability to totally customize the colors, blend them together to varying degrees, as well as adjust the overall transparencies… I don’t know how familiar you are with Phonto, but I was hoping for a bit of a comparison – I’ve been keeping my eye on this one for a while now! 🙂
    Deeashley (“gogoloopie” on this account)

    • ashcroft54 says:

      Retype is made for people who want an easy to use typography app. You can change file formats and add custom files but it’s easier to operate compared to Over. If you’re used to using Phonto, then stick with it. I recommend this app for people who want to slap on a font and post it on social media. I’m one of those who like to slap type on my photo and that’s it.

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