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Before and After with PicTapGo - Vida

PicTapGo is an app that has been out for a while. I got a tweet from a reader to check this app out, so I finally took the plunge and looked into this editing app. Up at the tops is a before and after edit with PicTapGo, you can really see a difference between the two photos. Your photos do clean up nicely with this app.


These are the main featured of what they app can do.


When you edit with this app, the filters are live and gives you an idea of what your photo will look like in a thumbnail.


You can adjust the filter opacity when you apply it on top of your photo.


What else is nice is you can save your filter layers as recipes, so you can use them over and over. It’s great if you want that consistent look to your photos.


Your save and share options are great, especially when you like to post on Instagram and don’t always want to post a square photo. Not a lot of apps will cater to Instagram posting and the ability to do different styles of posting crops.

Before and After with PicTapGo - Macro Flower

With only one filter, I can take away the color cast on your photos like shown here. I only used one filter, Auto Color in the Basics Folder. There is also the opacity slider to adjust the Auto Color if the filter went over overboard.

Before and After with PicTapGo - Downtown Building

Black and White conversion was done really nicely with PicTapGo. I like the results with the black and white filter I picked, Brooklyn. The filter made the photo look really sharp with lots of clean lines. They even offer film black and white conversions too, like 400TX and Acros 100. I’m hoping they will HP5 to the mix.

PicTapGo Demo

My overall point of view with PicTapGo is it’s a great app for it does. There are a lot app that do this type off editing but it’s hard to get that softness with filter apps. I like how easy it is to pile up filters on top of each other and save your piles into recipes. The Instagram sharing and different crop options set it apart from other apps.

PicTapGo sells for $1.99 and has two in-app purchases for filter packs. The app is universal to the iPad and iOS 7+. It would not surprise me if they will add more filter packs in future updates. I can see why PicTapGo is one of the top editing app in the App Store. It’s not about having the most filters and/or the most powerful tools. It’s really about the power of simplicity. Totally Rad! has done a fine job is showing the power of simplicity in a powerful editing app.

I want to thank the team at Totally Rad! for letting me review their app. I also want to thank Fredrik Nilsson for tweeting me about PicTapGo. If you have any questions about this blog post, please leave comments or contact me Have a great day and see you soon !!!



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6 Responses to Combo Apps/PicTapGo

  1. eucalyptha says:

    I already have this app and never used it. I will give it a try now. Thanks Tina!!

  2. Kimberly says:

    Looks like a great app! Thank you Tina for taking the time to review it!

  3. Ithalu says:

    Looks like a great app! Thank you Tina!!

  4. danmblog says:

    This app is my favorite. There really is no other app out there with the ease of use as this one. One, two or 3 flips and your done. The only thing I think I’ve wanted this app to do that is not built in is zoom into my photo to see what the filters look like at 100%. This a great review, and I hope it helps others discover this great app.

  5. ifrippe says:

    Thanks for taking up on my recommendation, Tina.

    As you write, the app doesn’t bring many new things to the App Store. The thing that made me fall in love with the app was the interface. It felt like seeing Camera+ or CamerBag for the first time… again.

    While I’ve seen similar solutions in other apps, I really like the straighten and crop functions. Combining straighten with zoom should be mandatory.

    An interesting thing about recipes is that they can also be added with opacity; for the times when you want tone down your personal style.

    From the contacts I’ve had with Totally Rad, there seems to be more stuff coming up. My guess is that if the app takes of, it will be a real contender to VSCO Cam (their companies have rivalling Adobe presets). More filters would be fun, but I would love to see texture pack based on their “dirty picture” preset.

    If someone wonders how PicTapGo compares to VSCO Cam. Honestly I’d say fairly well. Both companies have been doing Adobe Lightroom presets for some time, and it shows. The quality is not an issue for either of them. I use both apps frequently, and I don’t see a reason in erasing one or the other.

    My gut feeling is that VSCO Cam works better for subtle effects, while PicTapGo adds attitude. I would use VSCO Cam on images where I want to enhance the atmosphere (be it romance or warmth). PicTapGo, on the other hand, would be my choice for street photography or sports.

    One thing I lack — when comparing the app to its Photoshop incarnation — is the ability to do selective edits. However, that can be done with the help of an app that can handle masks and layers (for example, Image Blender).

    Another app [with a Photoshop sibling] that has caught my interest is Lens Distortions. It, somewhat, competes with Lensflare and Mextures. Yet, as with the reviewed app, it feels different.

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