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Generate has been out for almost a year and half but I was introduced to the app two weeks ago by a follower on Instagram. He told me to get a hole of the developers and write about this app. Generate is definitely a hidden gem in the Glitch Genre app world. What else is nice about this app is it’s not just for iOS but for Android too. I know a lot of Android users are look for cool creative apps to push their editing skills.

Generate – How to #1: This tutorial will show you how to edit your still photos by applying filters on top of your photos.

Generate – How to #2 – The Filter Mask: This tutorial will show you how to mask and blend in other images along with the filters in Generate.

Generate – How To #3 – Create Videos: This tutorial will show you how to make videos with two filters at a time.

Generate for iOS – FREE with in-app purchases
Generate for Android – FREE with in-app purchases

Generate has its own in-app store that offers PRO Bundle ($2.99) and some filters ($.99 each). PRO Bundle offers the following, High Resolution Capturing, Unlimited Video Recording and Live Visual Projection (with AirPLay or Thunderbolt). There are a few FREE filters that in the Generate App Store.

You can follow Generate on Instagram @generateapp and make sure you to hash tag your creations with #generateapp. Check out the Generate Galley. If you have any questions about this blog post, please leave comments or contact Generate Have a great day, go pick the app and Generate some cool stuff !!!



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