Combo Apps/Snap! 6 Series part 2

Bitplay 4 Mobile Lenses

Yesterday I talked about the Snap! 6 plus case and camera app. Today I’ll be talking about the lenses that are sold to go along with the case. These lenses are sold separately. Bitplay offers 4 different mobile lenses shown up above.

This video shows you how to mount the lenses on your Snap! 6 case.

Normal Photo

This is the demo photo I’ll be comparing with the Fisheye, Wide-Angle and Telephoto 3X lenses.

Bitplay Fisheye

Fisheye Specs:

– Compatible with SNAP! 6 / SNAP! 6 Plus
– Magnification: FISHEYE 0.31X / MACRO 5X
– Mount: 13mm threads
– Minimum Focus Distance: FISHEYE – 40mm / MACRO – 18mm
– Lens Construction: 3 glass elements in 3 groups
– Lens Housing: High quality aluminum
– Dimension: 25mm(Φ) x 13.6mm(H)
– Weight: 12g

The fisheye has some vignetting with corners. I cut out the corner and wanted to show you the photo. The fisheye seems to be a little sharper than most because it has 3 glass elements. Where most mobile fisheye have only 2 glass elements. This is the first time I used a mobile lens that has 3 glass elements too.

Bitplay Wide-Angle

Wide-Angle Specs:

– Compatible with SNAP! 6 / SNAP! 6 Plus
– Magnification: WIDE 0.68X / MACRO 1.5X
– Mount: 13mm threads
– Minimum Focus Distance: WIDE – 22mm / MACRO – 14mm
– Lens Construction: 2 glass elements in 2 groups
– Lens Housing: High quality aluminum
– Dimension:
WIDE – 22mm(Φ) x 12mm(Φ) x 13.7mm(H)
MACRO – 18.5mm(Φ) x 12mm(Φ) x 8.7mm(H)
– Weight: WIDE – 7.5g / MACRO – 3.5g

The wide-angle seems to be pretty sharp compared to other mobile lenses I’ve used. This might be my go to wide-angle lens from here on out.

Recently Added-1268

These two lenses screw apart for the macro lens. You get a 5X macro with the fisheye and 15x macro with the wide-angle.

Bitplay Macro 15X and Macro 5X

Here are shot taken from each of the macro lenses for comparison. The right side is macro 15x and left side is macro 5x. You can really see a difference between the two macro lenses.

Bitplay Telephot 3X

Telephoto 3X Specs:

– Compatible with SNAP! 6 / SNAP! 6 Plus
– Magnification: 3X
– Mount: 13mm threads
– Minimum Focus Distance: 230mm
– Lens Construction: 3 elements in 2 groups
– Lens Housing: High quality aluminum
– Dimension: 29mm(Φ) x 19mm(H)
– Weight: 15g

The 3x telephoto has vignette corners and it really shows in the right bottom corner. From the look of the lens it seems to have a center sweet spot, which I kind of like for artsy mobile photography purposes.

Bitplay Circular Polarizer Filter

Circular Polarizer Filter:

– Mount: 13mm threads
– Lens Construction: High grade optical glass, Premium polarizing film
– Lens Housing: High quality aluminum
– Dimension: 25mm(Φ) x 8.1mm(H)
– Weight: 4.5g

You can see the difference with using the the Circular Polarizer Filter. I was dialing it in and cut out most of the glare with the filter. Sorry for the blurry second photo, I got kind of excited with the results of the polarizer.

Bitplay Mobile Lens List:

Wide Angle + Macro Lens – $25.00
Fisheye Lens + Macro – $35.00
Telephoto Lens 3X – $40.00
Circular Polarizer Filter – $38.00

*Shipping fee will be added at check out based on location. Import tax is not included in the shipping fee.*

Overall I feel the lenses are pretty good, I did have some trouble screwing on the lenses. I recommend to not change your lenses when you’re in a hurry. The lenses don’t screw down all the way. They’re still great lenses to have in your collection along with the case. What’s nice are the lenses can be used over and over. When iPhone 7 comes out with a totally new design, you can always wait for the newly design case to come out. The case is worth the money and the wait to replace. Some people just love having a shutter button on the case. I know I love the shutter button. I really enjoyed using the Snap! 6 series and still have the case on my iPhone.

I want to thank Jack Chang and everyone at Bitplay for letting me review their Snap! 6 plus, apps and mobile lenses. If you have any questions about this blog post, please leave comments or email me You can also email Bitplay at Have a great day and see you soon !!!



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7 Responses to Combo Apps/Snap! 6 Series part 2

  1. eucalyptha says:

    Loved reading it. Am a bit dissapointed with the macro lenses and price.

    • rjllane says:

      Hi there ashcroft54 (Tina) and eucalyptha.

      In what way are you disappointed with the macr lenses, eucalyptha?

      How would you compare the Snap! 6 macro lenses with the Ztylus macro lens, Tina?

      🙂 … MomentsForZen (Richard)

      • ashcroft54 says:

        Eucalypha was disappointed with price.

        I like Ztylus because of the revolver lens kit system. The 10x seems to be the sharpest in my opinion. That lens seem to able to being in focus on areas I’m looking for in mobile macro photography. I’ve taken a few hundred macro photos with Ztylus Macro 10x. I’ll probably take a few hundred more with it.

      • ashcroft54 says:

        Snap! 6 has that nice shutter button.

      • rjllane says:

        Hello again ashcroft54 (Tina).

        Thanks for your candid assessment regarding the Ztylus and Snap! 6 macro lenses.

        A “plus” feature for the Ztylus from my perspective (N.B., I don’t have either lens system) is that all of the lenses come in an integrated package – less chance to lose or misplace one of them!

        Have a great day 🙂 … MomentsForZen (Richard)

  2. Louise Duhamel says:

    Can you take pictures with the normal front button on the iPhone or do you only have the ability to take photos with the cases ‘shutter’ button whenever the case is on the phone?

    • ashcroft54 says:

      You can still take photos with the normal
      Screen button. The shutter button is only good with certain apps. You have to have the case on to use the shutter button.

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