Combo Apps/Snap! 6 Series part 1

Today I’m finally going to be talking about Snap! 6 case and lens series by Bitplay. I’m going to break down the review in two blog posts because there’s a lot to cover about the case, lenses and companion app. I wanted to talk about the case and companion app on this blog post. I’ve read blog reviews that only cover certain things or areas of the product. They won’t talk about the app, which is a really good companion app with the case. They also don’t provide you a list of camera apps that will work with the shutter button on the app nor explain the technology behind the shutter button. I feel these are important subjects that need to be addressed because you’re making an investment about enhancing your mobile photography skill.

Snap! 6 plus and mobile lenses

This was everything I got from Bitplay. In the photo you can see that’s a lot of stuff. I’ve wanted to write a review about this case for a long time but never got an iPhone 5/5S. When I got an iPhone 6 plus, I had to wait until they made a case for it. I want to tell you something about Bitplay. They were very helpful with me and gave me a lot of information about their products and how it works. To me that’s important in any company, they are willing to answer my questions and go out of their way to help me.

Snap! 6 plus case

This is my Snap! 6 plus case. It’s dirty because I’ve used this case heavily for the last few weeks. This is the first time I’ve taken the case off my iPhone. It’s back on my iPhone now. The case fits nicely on my iPhone. It did take come getting used to using the shutter button. The reason is I have small hands and iPhone 6 plus is big. But one I started using the shutter button, there was no stopping me because it does feel natural to me. The case was made pretty good and has pretty good durability.


If you look at the image up above, this will tell you how the shutter button works with your iPhone. If you go to the website you can probably see it better and read about this technology works. The shutter button doesn’t work with social photo sharing apps, Instagram, Oggl, Flickr and EyeEm. Below I have the extensive list of other camera apps that work and don’t work with shutter button. This list was compiled with what’s popular with mobile photographers in 2015. I’m sure in the future the list will change over time. For now this is what I tested and I have all of these camera apps listed below.

Snap! 6 Shutter Button List

iPhone Camera
ProCamera 8
Thirty Six
NightCap Pro
PowerCam 7
Fast Camera
CameraBag 2
1000 Colors
ProCam 2
KitCam (GhostBird Discontinued)

There are some popular camera apps that aren’t on the list. I’ll explain why, the technology works with the volume down button with the shutter button. That’s why these apps will not work with the shutter button on a Snap! 6 case list:


HDR apps don’t seem to work with the shutter button technology either list:

Vivid HDR

Apps that don’t work but I wish it would work list:

645 Pro

This list took new a few days to test and compile. It was fun to do this test because I like to know what works and what doesn’t.

Prices for the cases$50.00 for iPhone 6 and $60.00 for iPhone 6 plus. Some of the cases are sold out at the moment so email them at to find out when they will get in more supplies.

*Shipping fee will be added at check out based on location. Import tax is not included in the shipping fee.*

Recently Added-567

Next is the companion app SNAP! PRO.

Recently Added-568

SNAP! Pro is free but has an in-app purchase of $1.99 to unlock its full functions. When you can the app for free it’s very limited and you can’t really use any of the functions. The other way to unlock it the functions is buying the case and putting in the code to work the app.

All Photos-4155

Once I put in my code to unlock the app, everything lights up and you can really use the app.

Recently Added-569

Now if you are starting out or an intermediate mobile photographer. This app is great because it’s pretty easy to use and a very nice interface to tap on the functions. I’ll show you everything on the left hand side list.

Recently Added-570

Just like how a DSLR functions, you have auto, manual C1 and C2 settings on camera control.

Recently Added-578

It also tells you how the camera settings work with a pop up menu. Not a lot of camera apps offer this function, so if you’re starting out these settings are helpful in teaching out a camera works.

Recently Added-571

These are your shutter controls, you can control how fast to slow on your shutter speeds. They even offer a B (buld) button for long exposures on your iPhone.

Recently Added-572

These are your ISO controls was made for film. It’s based on the speeds of the film you’re using on your old film cameras. It measure the light sensitivity that hits the film. The lower number is for less light and the higher number is for more light. Now it’s all digitized and made for hitting light on the camera sensor but the principle remains the same as film.

Recently Added-573

Exposure is Aperture, you have 7 different F-stops with this app. Some apps offer more for advance mobile photographer but for now 7 exposure stops is all you really need.

Recently Added-574

AWB (auto-white balance) is artificial light adjustment for keeping your whites/white and blacks/black. It’s really important to learn how all light is measure on the kelvin scale, especially with artificial light sources like Florescent and Tungsten. These lights leave a color cast on your photos when you shoot at low light conditions. They give you the basic light source presets. When you’re starting out, you’ll mostly leave the settings on auto white balance. It works most of the time but you will develop an eye for color balancing over time. You can also Google this subject on AWB (auto-white balance) or Color Temperatures to read more about it in details.

Recently Added-575

There is also live filters settings. You can pick 9 different filters to shoot with.

Recently Added-576

Same thing with frame overlays on your photo. 9 different frame settings.

Recently Added-577

They also have live collage settings, which is really cool if you love to shot live collages.

Recently Added-578

Last thing I’m going to show you is the preset settings on the camera. This is where you go if have C1 and/or C2 settings on this app. That sums it up with how SNAP! Pro camera app works. It’s one of the best companion app I’ve used to go along with the product. You can get some nice photos shot with the app. The app is great for beginners to intermediate mobile photographers. There is another Bitplay app called SNAP CAM which is free but it doesn’t have the same manual controls and features like SNAP! Pro. SNAP CAM was also made for the iPhone 4/4S/5/5S.

SNAP! Pro – FREE with in-app purchase to unlock or free with product unlock code

Pano Fisheye with Snap! 6 and SNAP! Pro app.

Tune in tomorrow, when I do an overview with the mobile lenses you can purchase on Bitplay website. The photo up above was taken with the Fisheye/Macro lens. I’m kind of excited to talk about these lenses tomorrow because of the 5X macro lens on the fisheye.

If you have any questions about this blog post, please leave comments, email Bitplay or email me I want to give a big thanks Jack Chang and everyone at Bitplay. Have a great day, see you soon and happy shooting everyone !!!



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  1. Ithalu says:

    This is a very helpful review!! Can’t wait to read the second part, thanks for the information.

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    Wow. Great review!! Waiting for part 2!

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