Combo Apps/Roost 2.0

The original Roost was made to help with your posture and other health problems when you’re humped over your laptop. I have the original Roost, thanks to Egmont Van Dyck from MacWorld last year. I was going to write about but I had a stoke and forgot I had the Roost to write about it.

Roost Press Images

I got an email from Roost, telling me they’re back with Roost 2.0. A brand new redesign and compatible with most laptops (not just Macbooks) that are flat bed and less than 0.75″ thick (1.9cm). It’s also adjustable 6″ to 11″ (15.2 to 28.0cm) and made light/stronger than the previous model.

Roost Press Images

James Olander needs your help because he is planning on all or nothing campaign. All Roosts are made in the USA and will be shipped world wide. The have pledges that are $49 for the stand/non rip nylon case to $79 for the stand/RKM case. There are other pledges that are offered too. Check it out HERE for more details. FREE international shipping, two types and depends on the pledges you pick. I believe in this product and hope you will make a pledge to help James grow. If you have an question please leave comments, email me or contact Roost



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