Combo Apps/Infrared Mobile Photography Chapter 2

Mobile IR Demo - 1

After the mistakes I made from Chapter 1 and some of the support I got from the readers. I wanted to show you how I got rid of the White Halo in my photos and other things. As you can see the photo up above I got rid of most of the White Halo. There’s still a little white strip on the left hand side of the photo. I figured out the problems from some very helpful comments I got from the last blog post.

Recently Added-1299

Recently Added-1301

First thing I did was colored out the gray areas of my Beastgrip with a Black Sharpie. I recommend using a Sharpie because it’s permanent marker and dries quickly. Since Sharpies dries so quickly you can apply a few coats, in case you miss some spots and you want the area as black as possible. You can also find sharpies at Target or Walmart. Then after it was dry. I was ready to try it out but I sill for the White Halo and it was even brighter.

Recently Added-1297

I figured out what the real problem was. My iPhone 4S is white and white reflects light. So I got some black construction paper and made a hole where the iPhone camera was at. This wasn’t easy to do because I used a steak knife to cut a hole in the paper. If I had an X-ACTO Knife, I could cut a cleaner hole.

ProCamera 8 Screen Shot - 2

Well it worked as you can see, the white halo is gone. I decided to adjust the white balance on my iPhone 4S using ProCamera 8.

ProCamera 8 Screen Shot - 1

Then I saw I didn’t cover my iPhone 4S enough because of the white leak on the left hand side of the screen shot. How I noticed it was adjusting the white balance on my iPhone.

Mobile IR Demo - 3

This is the first shot on auto white balance at ISO 320 at 1/20s of a second. If I want to do this handheld and without a tripod, I’m going to have to do this at a higher ISO. The draw back with higher ISO is digital noise. I’m going to have to clean up the noise after I take IR photos.

ProCamera 8 Screen Shot - 1

You can see I changed my white balance controls and the white leak is shown. I’m also at ISO 800 and 1/15s of a second. It’s also a very over cast day (May Gray), so I have a lot less light than a normal sunny day.

Mobile IR Demo - 2

When I do take the photo it is really noisy and need to be fixed. I’m also going to have to play with levels, curves and channel mixer to find fake colors with my IR mobile photos.

Overall I felt I made a huge breakthrough is fixing the white halo problem. But I still feel that I need to take more photos, play with the white balance, ISO and exposure. When I figure all that out, I will post Chapter 3 of this project series. After I get photos I’m starting to like, then I will write about editing Infrared Mobile Photos.

I hope this was a helpful blog post and very thankful from the comments I got from the last blog post. This is still a whole new learning curve for me. I have a long ways to go in perfecting this project. But what I love is learning and sharing my discoveries with you all and the helpful support I get. If you have any helpful comments, please post them up. It was really helpful. Stay tuned for Chapter 3 of this series in the near future. Have a great day and see you soon !!!



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4 Responses to Combo Apps/Infrared Mobile Photography Chapter 2

  1. Nanashi says:

    Wow! That photo is inspiring … Makes me want to take a serious look into ir … Keep it up … Looking great!

  2. Ithalu says:

    Thanks for sharing Tina, I don’t know nothing about infrared photography but I want to do it!!

  3. Rosa Perry says:

    I’m following closely as I’m a huge fan of infra red photography (even thought I have never taken photos myself) but I am hugely excited at your progress Tina…… well done. You’re amazing 🌹

  4. eucalyptha says:

    Thanks for this. I might give it a try one day

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