Combo Apps/OneWorld OneAdaptr TWIST

I know there are some travel reader who read my blog post. You’re always looking for a universal adapter that’s very compact and easy to pack in your travels. Well OneAdaptr has the product for you called the TWIST Plus+ World Charging Staion.

OneAdaptr TWIST Plus+

I was lucky to get my hands on a TWIST Plus+ but there’s more…

All Photos-4047

They also sent me s TWIST Charging Station too. I’m going to show off this product because I don’t have a MacBook (YET) to show off the TWIST Plus+.

TWIST in my hand

This is the TWIST in my hot little hand. As you can see it’s a bit bulky but there’s a good reason for it.

Different Plug Adapters

It has three different plug adapters for your travels. Compared to other world adapters I’ve own or saw in the store or online. This has to be one of the sleekest I’ve seen thus far. All you have to do is push the yellow button on the side of the adapter and TWIST. Each plug will pop put and lock in place. The adapter works in over 150 countries.

USB Ports

On each side of the TWIST are two USB slots with a total of 4 USB slots. The USB ports will charge your device pretty quickly because each port is 4A which equals to 20W of power. I tested the charging process on my iPhone 6 plus. This is how fast the charge was, an hour and a half. That’s right 90 minutes with my iPhone 6 plus. It was on air plane mode to help the charging go quicker. But normally on a regular Apple iPhone plug, the charging takes a few hours when I’m not on Air Plane mode. It’s takes two hours and half hours on my iPad plug on Air Plane mode. I had my iPhone 6 plus at 12% when I started to charge it.

What else is nice about the TWIST, it works on Android devices and Windows devices. This adapter isn’t limited to Apple only.

OneAdaptr Logo or other end of the plug

Product List:

Twist Plus+ World Charging Adapter – $44.99
TWIST World Charging World Adapter – $39.99

TWIST comes in two colors, Black or White. TWIST PLus+ come in two colors also, White and Yellow.

TWIST PLus+ World Adapter & 12W USB Charger – $39.99
TWIST World Adapter & 12W USB Charger – $34.99
TWIST Plus+ MacBook World Adpter – $24.99

TWIST Plus+ 12W comes in three colors, Black, White and Orange. TWIST 12W comes in two colors, White and Grey. TWIST MacBook World Mac Adapter comes in White only.

Overall TWIST is a very well thought out product. It’s very durable product and easy to use twist adapter. This was something I’ve been looking for in a USB charger. I highly recommend getting one of these adapters for your home and travel.

I want to thank Michael Ma and the OneAdaptr Team for giving me a chance. If you have any questions, please leave comments on this blog post or email me Have a great day and see you soon !!!



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