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Made with FFIN

Some of the best apps I’ve found are the ones I’m not looking for and FFIN fits that description. I down loaded the app and started to play with it. I thought this was a pretty good app for being free and only one in-app purchases to unlock everything. Even with what you get for FREE is pretty impressive. It’s also had a recent update, optimize for iPhone 6/6+ and requires iOS 8+ on your mobile devices. So let’s go get started and see what FFIN is all about…

Demo Photo

This will be the demo photo I’ll be using for the tutorial.

Recently Added-1036

We start off with the app like this after you load it up. As you can see no photo had been taken or uploaded yet, we all know I will pick a photo from my album.

Recently Added-1038

After I load my photo and set it in place to be edited, I will start with the filters. Now you’re thinking well this isn’t impressive and the filters seem run of the mill. But there’s more to this app than the filters…I did find a filter I really liked and slapped it on my photo.

Recently Added-1039

You have your choice of cute stickers and stamps to apply on top of your photo. Again, you’re thinking what is so great about this..moving along…

Recently Added-1040

You have your Frames, Adjust and Text. You have lots of choices with frames, pretty good adjustment tools and good a range of fonts to apply on your photo. So you’re still thinking what is so impressive with FFIN, all I see are the same typical editing tools you can apply on your photo…so what if it’s free !!!

Recently Added-1041

Now we come to the part I’m impressive with and that is STYLE !!! This is what really impressed me was the textures you apply on top of your photo. The opacity slider even makes it better. The only thing that is missing is a rotate button for textures. I also wish there was more textures added to the Style section. What else I like about the app is on the undo and redo buttons on the top left hand side. On the undo button are numbers of filters/tools you have used with FFIN. Sometimes this is helpful so you know how much stuff you’ve applied on top of your photo while you’re editing.

Demo Edit with FFIN

This is my final edit with FFIN. The only real complaint I have with the app is the 2100 x 2100 resolution saves. I have to consider the app is FREE but I can hope for higher resolution saves in the future. Below I made a list of other apps that beyondf has to offer besides FFIN, that are mobile photo and edited related.

App List:

FFIN – FREE with in-app purchases
Hash Photos – $.99
Dots (Pixel Art) – $.99
AirBridge – $.99
Cheeez – FREE
Waflagram – FREE
Toss. – FREE
Comic Story – $.99 with in-app purchses
Full-Screen Camera – FREE
Cartoon Frame – $1.99

I don’t expect all these apps to be top-notch and cream of the crop. What I will say there might be something you like or need to go with your mobile photography or mobile art editing. I get new readers everyday always looking for something to try or beginners who want to improve their skills. FFIN is one of those apps that is a happy medium app. It’s simple enough to use and gives you some top-notch editing tools. I also like the fact the app doesn’t look like other photos apps. It’s a very clean layout.

If you have any questions about this blog post, please leave comments or email me Have a good day and HAPPY EDITING !!!



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