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Pastel edit demo - 1

Some of the best apps I find are the “diamonds in the rough.” They are the unpopular apps from small app developers. These apps seem to go the extra mile compared to the big name app developers. They also can be the secret weapon to make your mobile art images shine. There are some from a Japanese developer, Toshiki Nakanishi. I will show you three apps and give you a list of all his apps to check out at the end of this blog post.

*The top photo was edited with Pastel.*

Demo Photo

This will be the demo photo I’ll use for the blog post.

Recently Added-1002

The first app I’m going to show you is Pastel: Photo Editor & Effects. I’ve loaded up my photo onto Pastel. The top of the screen you have all your save and social network sharing. The bottom of the screen are all your editing tools. Fist button after the camera button are your standard editing tools.

Recently Added-1003

The next button is Filters and what a selection !!! Not only you can pick the presets with the filters but you can make your own. This is something that most of these faded film apps are missing. The ability to make your own filters by playing with colors. You really have unlimited possibilities when you make filters with Pastel.

Recently Added-1004

I went back to the original standard editing tools and found this one tool called Local Contrast. What that does is give you a over-sharpened effect on you photo. After I used Local Contrast, I’ll for back to the Eye button and use…

Some of the editing tools will lower your resolution, so make sure you watch your resolution numbers in the right hand upper corner on the screen.

Recently Added-1005

Soft Focus…I really love this tool because it will make your photo have an Orton Effect with better controls. You have this circle where you can move the point around to find the perfect softness.

Recently Added-1006

They also have a drawing feature and frames.

All Photos-3647

Here’s how you have or load up your creations on social media.

Pastel Edit

This is my final creation from Pastel.

Recently Added-1017

Winterpix is the next app and it’s a very easy to use app. If you’re looking for a simple app to apply snow effects on your photos, then this Winterpix is the app for you.

You load up your photo and you have three simple sliders to edit the snow effect.

Recently Added-1018

When you tap on the second button on the left, you have the amount of snow and the direction of where the snow will fall. After you’re done editing, you can save your winter creation.

WinterPix Demo

This is my snowy creation, made with Winterpix. However the resolution save is 1920 x 1440 (2.7 mp) but the app is FREE.

Recently Added-1026

Last photo app I’ll be showing you is Film Camera – 50 film based filters. It’s a simple and easy app to use. You can use the camera to take photos or load from your camera roll. You want to tap on the Film Roll button to get all the cool filters to apply on top of your photo.

Recently Added-1027

There are other editing tools to enhance the filters you applied on top of your photo. You have all your load ups to social media.

Film Camera  Demo

This is my edited creation from Film Camera. There is an in-app purchase for $1.99 to unlock all the the filter packs. For some people whose starting out with mobile photography and mobile editing, this app might be from you.

App List:

Pastel: Photo Editor & Effects – FREE
Winterpix – FREE
Film Camera – 50 film based filters – FREE with in-app purchases.
Vintage – Create stunning photos with retro effects – $1.99

All the apps work with iOS 8 and 3 out of the 4 are universal to the iPad. Winterpix is iPhone only. If you want to read a review on Vintage then click *here*. It’s not the best review and only one I could find. If you get Pastel, make sure you get the Photo Editor & Effects and not Camera Photo Editor & Filters. The second version has in-app purchases and more like VSCO and Afterlight. If you have any questions about this blog post, please leave comments or email me Have a great day and see you soon !!!



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  1. Interesting apps. Thanks for letting us know about them!

  2. Thanks Tina start editing tomorrow!

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