Combo Apps/Tiny Planet 6.0 Update

Tiny Planet is an oldie but goody app. Today I got the 6.0 update and wanted to show you what they added to the update. What they added was video rotate motion to your tiny planets.

Demo Photo

I’ll be using this photo for the demo in this blog post.

Recently Added-1530

When you load up Tiny Planets they have some demo photos you can play with, this way you can learn how to use the app. I load up my photo and ready to go…

Recently Added-1531

Even though Tiny Planet is $.99 in the App Store, I recommend you buy into the in-app purchase. Because you can save your planets and holes at 4000 x 4000 high-resolution (depending on how old your iPhone is). You tap on the settings button to get the resolution slider. I’ll show you example of each of the effects below.

Tiny Planet Demo

Tiny Planet

Rabbit Hole Demo

Rabbit Hole

Video Planet, I have this posted on Instagram @combo_apps. Overall the update has made me put Tiny Planet back on my iPhone because I really like the Video Planet added to the app. Tiny Planets is $.99, with one in-app purchase and iPhone only. Hopefully they will optimize the app for iPhone 6/6 plus.

We’re excited to be sharing the amazing TinyPlanets you’ve been making on Instagram. Be sure to join our community by using #TinyPlanet and follow us @MadeWithTinyPlanets for some inspiration and tips !!!

If you have any questions about this blog post, please leave comments or email me Have a great day and turn your photos into cool Tiny Planets !!!




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