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Analog Film

Today I’m going to talk about OrdinaryFactory apps. They have a series of camera apps and it’s start with Analog Film. It was a very popular camera app when it came out when it came out almost two years ago. I was one of the few people who didn’t jump on the Analog Film bandwagon. At the time, Analog Film didn’t excited me and felt it was a run of the mill camera app that was loaded with in-app purchases at the time. The other thing that bothered me at the time the app saved at low resolution. It took over a year it get max resolution saves. When the app went FREE and dropped all the in-app purchases, I finally picked up the app and started to use it.

This is great if you don’t want to buy into Faded, Afterlight and/or VSCO Cam. You get high resolution saves and the in-app purchases were dropped. It’s a very simple and easy app to operate. The results of your photos look awesome, as long as you take well composed and exposed photos.

Analog Film Portland

Recently Added-1623

Analog Portland is the kick off app for Analog Film City Series. It has 10 special filters that make your photo feel like you took them in Portland. I couldn’t tell you which Portland it represents because it’s the largest city in Maine and Oregon. But it has the simple user interface like Analog Film and saves at high resolution.

Analog Film Tokyo

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Analog Tokyo is the second app to come out for the city series. Again you get the 10 special filters that represents and feels like Tokyo, Japan.

Analog Film Beijing

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Analong Beijing, 10 special filters that represent and feels like your photo were taken in Beijing, China. I really like the city series and can’t wait for more of these apps to come out. They’re all $.99 each and worth it in my opinion. If you love to collect photos, then Analog Film City Series if for you.

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Now if you’re into video making on your iPhone, then you should pick Analog Video. It’s pretty good video app and renders nicely when you put a filter on you video. The video if from a field trip from Vida’s class at The New Children’s Museum. I did a short video clip of the kids in the Rain House. It’s an actual small house built in the museums and had the sound of rain drops plopping the the roof of the house.

Analog Video is a very easy app to operate, you can either shoot video though the app or edit one of videos you’ve already shot. Your videos look awesome and really artsy. It’s a video app worth picking up at $2.99 in the App Store.

OrdinaryFactory App List:

Analog Tokyo – $.99
Analog Beijing – $.99
Analog Portland – $.99
Analog Film – $2.99
Analog Video – $2.99
CaptionPlus for Instagram- $1.99
Ordinary Days – Journal/Diary – $1.99

That’s the complete OrdinaryFactory app list. All the apps are universal to the iPad and iOS 8 supported and optimized for iPhone 6/6+. The only app that not supported on the iPad is Analog Video. If you have any questions about this blog post, please leave comments or email me Have a great day and see you soon !!!



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  1. I have some of these and I like them very much. They are simple to use but good apps. 😉

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