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HyperDroste is meant to be the “spiritual” successor of iDroste, with much easier interface and the ability to create animations.” Quoted by the developer Pavalos Marvidis…

It took 4 years to get our beloved iDroste back. Now it’s back with whole new look, design, name and GIF animation. The top video was made with HyperDroste.

Recently Added-1721

Recently Added-1718

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Now that you’ve read the directions, I can start with the basic tutorial.

HyperDroste Demo Photo

This will be the demo photo.

Recently Added-1709

You load up the photo and there’s the default Droste edit. The second screen shot you have the parallax button, which will move the Droste and gives you a 3D effect. The third screen shots is where you can invert the motion of the Droste.

Recently Added-1710

The Factory Gallery are presets for one pole and two poles. I’m hoping in the future thee will be more pole presets added in the future. For now they are great to works with and you have lots of possibilities with whatever photos you have on your camera roll.

Recently Added-1711

The first two screen shots are circle and rectangle. You have two different styles to make your Droste lines. You can use your finger to move the center of the Droste in any part of your image. I got a tip from Pavlos the developer about the Alpha Mask. How it works and a valuable tip below.

*One tip for you and your readers in order to get the best quality:
The app lets you draw an alpha mask with your finger (to define the “droste region”), but you can get much better quality if you create the alpha mask in an external program and then load it to HyperDroste. To do this, you must put the mask in the alpha channel of your image and then save it as .png. Personally, I edit the alpha masks in my Mac using Photoshop and then I load them to HyperDroste via DropBox.*

Recently Added-1712

These are your outlines. There are None to Thick and Grunge 1 to 4. You can change the colors of the outlines and change the outline design. What I would like to see are more different outlines added in the future. I like to see water waves outlines, ducks and other different type outlines.

Recently Added-1706

When you save, these are the options you have to choose from. You can adjust the duration by changing the number of repetitions (loops) in the export dialog. HyperDroste will always export looping videos or gifs (in other words, the first frame will match the last one). Depending the speed of the Droste will determine the time of the loop and how many time you can repeat the loop.

This is my GIF animation loop save and ready to be posted later on Instagram.

Recently Added-1708

This is my still image save. The resolution saves are high resolution saves. I used 3264 x 2448 photo and got 2048 x 2048 resolution save. I recommend using 4/3 ratio photo, so you have room to stretch the photo.

HyperDroste - 1

Overall this app is AWESOME and beyond better than the original app with infinite possibilities. HyperDroste sells for a $1.99 in the App Store. You can use HyperDroste v1.1 on your iPhone 4s or any newer iOS device. iOS 7.1 or later is required. I did ask if they could add in a pulse motion in the animation. I know there is plans for iPad support update in the future. I see lots of cool updates for this app in the future. I want to thank Pavlos Marvidis for giving me a code to write about HyperDroste. If you have any questions about this blog post, please leave comments, contact HyperDroste support “HERE” or email me Have a Happy Mother’s Day and see you soon !!!



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7 Responses to Combo Apps/HyperDroste

  1. It looks like to be a really good app!!!

  2. Kim Lawrence says:

    I’d LOVE to take this for a spin. Miss iDroste.

  3. creatiwu says:

    I never tried this kind of apps before. Interesting.

  4. Ju1ce says:

    Photo manipulation. Love these kind of apps. It’s a similar effect in iColorama but not to export as video.

  5. Shruti says:

    Pick me! Pick me! Pick me!! Lol
    Anyway, it’s sooo good to see all that crazy work in Photoshop available with such an ease in an app.
    Happy Mother Day 🙂

  6. Julie johnson says:

    Please pick me.really want to try it.

  7. imapurrson says:

    This is exciting to hear that “iDroste” is back, bigger and better than before within the new app, HyperDroste! So happy to know that you think of the app as awesome. I was really disappointed when iDroste quit working, and had kept it on my phone for a long time after it went kaput, in high hopes of an update that would fix it. Thank you, Tina, for the detailed review of HyperDroste. Your dedication to Combo Apps and all of the hard work you do is very much appreciated! 😃🌻

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