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I get Android readerswho read my blog posts. Some of the Android readers ask me to look for some cool apps for them. Here’s one called Kiwi Camera from the developers of Magic Hour. This app is Android only, sorry not out for iOS. Since I don’t have a copy of the app an no Android device (anymore) to tell you how it all works. What I’ll do is show you some screen shots and tools/filters that are offered on Kiwi Camera.

Kiwi Camera Screen Shots

These are the screen shots on Kiwi Camera. It looks pretty easy to operate and has a friendly UI (user interface).

Kiwi Camera Filters

Kiwi Camera offers a number of different filters to apply on top of your photos.

Kiwi Camera Frames

They also offer different frames styles.

Kiwi Camera Stickers

You can also apply stickers and text on top of your photos too.

Kiwi Camera Collages

Last, you can even use collages and make creative grids to post up on Instagram. Overall the app is a cross between VSCO, Over, PicFrame and PhotoCandy all rolled onto one app for Android users. Kiwi Camera is FREE but offers in-app purchases. From what I read from the reviews the app saves at low resolution. I’m hoping the will add high resolution saves in the future.

If you have any questions about this blog post, please leave comments or email Kiwi Camera “HERE” and give them some feedback with their app. Have a nice day and see you soon !!!



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  1. Sonia says:

    Very helpful review! Thanks!

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