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Today I’m going to write about the FlipMount from Ztylus. It’s a handy tripod, mount and screen cleaner all in one that fits perfectly in your pocket.


When you get your FlipMount the packaging will look like this.


Here is my FlipMount in my hot little hand, ready to go in my pocket.

iPhone 5S and Flipmount

It’s great to watch videos on your iPhone or take table top photos.


I wanted to show you the dimension because it’s made for regular iPhones and other smartphones. I’ll show you why in the next two photos.

FlipMount - iPhone 6 plus - 1

Here’s the FlipMount on my iPhone 6 plus. As you can see I have no case on my 6 plus.

Flipmount - iPhone  6 plus - 2

See the rubber band that pulls and holds your iPhone in place. It’s stretched to the max and will break over time. If the rubber band snaps, then you have to buy a new FlipMount. I don’t recommend getting this product if you have an iPhone 6 plus.

iPhone 6 and FlipMount

It fits fine with iPhone 6 and most regular smartphones. I wouldn’t go past a Samsung Galaxy S6.

FlipMount Screen Cleaner

In the video they show you a micro fiber pad, so you can clean your iPhone screen. This actually works really well. I’ve cleaned of both my iPhone screens with this pad.

FlipMount 4 Colors

FlipMount comes in 4 colors, Black, White, Orange and Gray. It sells for $24.95. I use the FlipMount for my iPhone 4S a lot. It works find with a case, just make sure you’re using a regular size case. It has rubber grips so your iPhone, iPod touch and smartphone stays in place. I highly recommend this product because of it’s multipurpose functions, easy to fold up and put away in your pocket. This is a very mobile product for mobile photographers or mobile people.

You can get a discount if you want to order one of these FlipMount. The discount code is ASHCROFT54, so pick up two of these. You can keep one with your or put it in you backpack or purse to take along with you. If you have any questions about this blog post, please leave comments or email me Have a nice day and see you soon !!!

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