Combo Apps/Layer Masking with Snapseed

Color Splash with Snapseed

This was brought to my attention, so we need a Snapseed tutorial on how to mask layers. I did this with Snapseed on my iPhone 6 plus. I highly recommend you do this type of editing on an iPad. It was hard to do this on my 6 plus because of the tight corners and certain spots with you mask your layers. To be honest I never knew this existed on Snapseed, it’s not very intuitive and interface is very cumbersome.

Recently Added-2212

I load up my photo onto Snapseed. This was taken with ProCamera 8 with a Ztylus macro lens, nothing was superimposed or edited.

Recently Added-2213

After you do your edit, this is how you get to this part. You tap on the layers in top left hand of screen after SAVE. It will be numbers shown after saved. The numbers can vary depending on how many layers you used for editing. When you double tap the layer you want to mask. Then this other menu will pop out for masking that layer. The three buttons are, delete, brush and settings.

Recently Added-2214

Here’s the tricky part with masking on Snapseed. You can’t really adjust the brush size, there’s no zoom button to keep you from making a mistake, no erase button and invert is the only button you can go back and fourth. There’s an eye button to turn the opaque mask off and on. You can adjust the opacity of the filter when you apple the mask on top of your photo. It’s really hard to mask with Snapseed. I hope they will update this section to make it user friendly and more intuitive.

Recently Added-2215

When you mask your photo an icon is shown in the bottom left hand corner of the layer.

Recently Added-2217

I’m showing you the original so you can see the difference between layers.

Layers with Snapseed

This is my finished edited photo with layer masking with Snapseed. I’m hoping the developer will update this section of the app. Not everyone knows you can do this with Snapseed. It’s also open a whole new possibility and creativity with editing for Snapseed.

Non-Destructive vs Destructive

Non-Destructive vs Destructive:

Seth Carnill has also given me a better understanding of what non-destructive means. This is what Seth said, “Saving doesn’t work as you describe. It is actually non destructive. Yes if you look back in your camera roll then the original image is visible including the edits you made. But if you open it and then click ‘edit’ in the iOS photos app then you have the option to revert to the original file which removes all the snapseed edits. Also worth noting out that when you open said image again in Snapseed all the edit history is there to be manipulated again. I think the update is excellent. As is your review ! Thanks.” After he told me that I looked up what non-destructive means and this is from Wikipedia. Non-destructive editing is a form of editing signals where the original content is not modified in the course of editing—instead the edits themselves are edited by specialized editing software, for example video editing software on a non-linear editing system (NLE) or non-destructive image editing software.” Once I read this, then everything became clear to why Snapseed Edits weren’t showing up on Photoshop and other apps. Two things come to mind with me and this problem. 1. It’s a bug that needs to be fixed with Snapseed developers. 2. Non-destructive edits are not recognized with other apps, social media uploads, type of file save and/or unflattened layers. Hopefully this will clear things up with how non-destructive editing really works. I know it did with me !!!

I want to give a BIG THANKS to Seth Carnill for sharing his knowledge with me. If you have ay questions about this blog post please leave comments or email me Have a nice day and see you soon !!!



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3 Responses to Combo Apps/Layer Masking with Snapseed

  1. eucalyptha says:

    Cool. Thanks for showing us !!

  2. rjllane says:

    Hello ashcroft54 (Tina). Thanks for pointing this out – I would never have seen it. I tried it out, but as you pointed out, it doesn’t have any erasing option. Without this, it is impossible to work with it – I ALWAYS make mistakes and need to fix them up. Hopefully they develop it further. … MomentsForZen (Richard)

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