Combo Apps/USB ChargeDoubler

We are always looking to double your charging speed on our iPhones, Android Smartphones or Windows Phones, then check out the USB ChargeDoubler. It’s a nifty portable charging cable that doubles the charging on your mobile devices.

USB ChargeDoubler  - 1

The USB ChargeDoubler is 200% faster than the normal standard USB cable. DataProtectedCharging (DPC) blocks data transfer while connected to a computer. This prevents data hacking and any risk of malware being loaded onto your device while charging from an unknown usb-socket or charging while being in a public network (e.g. wifi hot spot in a cafe, hotelroom, airport etc.).

USB ChargeDoubler - Lightning or Micro USB

You have a choice of Lightning or Micro USB adapters.

USB ChargeDoubler - 2

It’s small and clips together with magnets. The magnets will not effect your device while it’s charging.

USB Charge Doubler vs Micro USB Cable

No more tangle messy cables that unravel in your pocket, purse or backpack.

UBS ChargeDoubler - 3

It also fits perfect on your keychain. The magnets are strong so they don’t come loose easily.

USB ChargeDoubler with iPad

You can charge your iPad or another other tablets with double the speed.

USB ChargeDoubler to PowerBar

You can connect your cable to a powerbar or powerbank with double the speed charging your mobile devices.

USB ChargeDoubler 5 Colours

What else is nice, you will have 5 different colors to choose. The USB ChargeDoubler prices are very reasonable. You have 6 different price packages to choose from starting at $12 to $59. There are other charges add for international shipping. If you go with the $12 package, you will not get an insurance or tracking of your package. I recommend the $19 or $24 package. I’m hoping they will dd a stretch fund to the USB ChargeDoubler. You have over a month to decide but don’t delay because I’m sure those locked in prices will go up for retail value.

Check out the USB ChrageDoubler on Indiegogo. If you have any questions please leave comments or email me Have a nice day and see you soon !!!



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  1. Ithalu says:

    Wow! I need one. Thank you for the information Tina.

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