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Hydra is one popular camera app. I was asked by a few readers my opinions and honest feedback of what I think on Hydra. Well I’ve had the app for a couple of weeks and shot with it almost exclusively for a day. Then I had to do my research and other things. There was some blogs I read that had the app high marks or low marks. One blog was screaming for a refund, while another one said this app replaces your glass on your iPhone. Now it’s my turn to write what I really think of this app.

*Most of the photos were taken with Hydra on my iPhone 6 plus unless stated or screen shots.*

Recently Added-2339

When you get the app, it’s very easy to use camera app. You also have resolution adjustments in three settings, 3mp, 8mp and 12mp. You can also turn off and on the grid on the camera.

Recently Added-2340

These are the settings and info about the app. It’s pretty standard and nothing special.


The photos look nice but they are very over saturated. This is where Hydra lacks compared to other HDR apps. You really need the tools to adjust these HDR photos. How I’m going to have to go use another app to fix the colors and saturation. I feel tool are essential to post processing any HDR photo.


The black and whites are nice but they tend to be too bright for my taste. I like black and whites to be a little more contrasty and little darker. The whites still has most of it’s details and aren’t blown out. I still would like to have the ability to use tools to fix or adjust my HDRs during post processing.


Here is the unprocessed shot from Hydra and you can see there’s compression, artifacts and noise. Why ? Because all you files are saved as JPEGs and not TIFFs, very disappointing in my opinion.


This is the 12 megapixel save. Guess what I found a major flaw to these saves. You can’t see it in this photo on the right hand side but the pixels are stretched !!!!

12 vs 8 Hydra

This is how Hydra adds more pixels to your photos. You don’t see this on your iPhone screen. I didn’t noticed it either until I loaded them on my laptop on Flickr. This is horrible !!! I know people paid $4.99 for this app and have no clue this happens !!!

Recently Added-2344

That is the info from Big Photo. I took screen shots to show you the basic info of my files. I know the stretched pixels isn’t a fluke because I took 5 different cloud shots with the app at the 12mp setting.

Overall, I’m disappointed with Hydra along with the very hefty price tag of $4.99. My recommendation is don’t buy this app until they fix these problems, add post processing editing tools and the ability to shoot/process TIFF files. They also need to fix the 12 mp saves. I would write to the developer and complain about the problem along with a review in the App Store. I don’t get why this is an “iOS 8 only” app because it doesn’t take advantage of the “manual controls” with the camera what so ever. There are no manual controls with this app, in fact you have no control taking photos with this app. You’re stuck with three settings. I felt there was no point in talking about the other camera/video options because the issue with HDR. I was really excited with Hydra until I really started to use it. This app has massive flaws…

If you have any questions about this blog post please leave comments or email me Have a nice day and see you soon…



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9 Responses to Combo Apps/Hydra Flawed

  1. imapurrson says:

    So happy for all of your research, Tina! Thank you for the nitty gritty review. If this app gets the flaws fixed and goes on sale, or better yet, free, I’ll download it. I love your flower shot. It’s pretty in both color and B&W. Have a great evening!

    • ashcroft54 says:

      Well I hope I’m not alone in this but it’s really disappointing to find a flaw like that…

      • imapurrson says:

        It’s equally disappointing to learn it’s a flawed app. Love when new apps are really something to get lost in; and it’s sad that this one isn’t all it’s hyped up to be. I’m so thankful for your blog site and your in depth, tell it like it is, blog! One can always count on you for honest reviews of apps.

  2. Really glad that you posted your opinion about this app. I was wondering if I should buy it. Now I know that is better to wait to see how things progress – if they’ll correct the big flaw etc.
    Love your shots anyway.
    Thanks again!

  3. eucalyptha says:

    Thank I was thinking about getting it but now I will wait till a good update

  4. Thank you for the review and pointing out the applications numerousness flaws. Unfortunately I had purchased it, even at a discounted price. One think I will never understand why developers continue to just offer JPG, especially for an HDR app. This app is in need of a major update and more individual controls taking advantage of iOS8.

  5. wemarriage says:

    I got this app and use it. But, i am using it on an iPad 4. I think the iPhone 6 and newer iPads have better lenses. That may be why my pictures look so much better using Hydra. It’s my only explanation.

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