Combo Apps/Snapseed 2.0 part 3 of 3

All Photos-2093 Today is the last blog post series of Snapseed 2.0 (part 3 of 3). Someone has pointed out a bug that needs to be fix already in Snapseed. When you crop a square, it’s not really a square. I get 2465 x 2448 resolution, so I’m a little disappointed with this because this can screw you up when you load your crops onto other apps. Especially when you want to blend layers and/or other photos that are square on top of your cropped photo from Snapseed. The other thing I wanted to pointed out was the comment I got from David Pasillas about how Non-Destructive Snapseed’s is. Well if you crop a photo it is destructive and you’re cutting off pixel. When Snapseed has a bug like this you really don’t want to modify your original photo. Once you start editing a new photo, the previous edit you did is completely gone. Once it’s gone you can’t get that file back. This is why it’s important you SAVE COPY instead of SAVE with Snapseed or any other app for that matter. You don’t ever want to lose your original photo files. It’s basic 101 rule in digital photo editing. Snapseed Transition Demo I’m going to be talking about the Tools. The Tools I’m going to show are Transform, Brush and Spot Repair.These are the 3 new tools added to the update. I’m going to start with the top photo I took with Hydra. The photo is a 12mp HDR photo and I plane to straighten and crop it. The extra megapixel is necessary if you plan to do crop and straighten photos because you’re cutting off resolution. Recently Added-1801 First I want to use Transform because I want to straighten and un-distort the photo a little bit. The park I take Vida to is full of small hills, sometimes the photos I take don’t come out great because of the odd landscape of the park. I did use a wide-angle lens when I shot the photo, so the hills are looking really distorted in the photo. Recently Added-1802 Here’s how I used Transform, it had three different perspective angles to adjust your photo. This tool replaced Straighten. In my opinion if you want to straighten your photos stick to two apps SKEW and SKRWT and don’t use this tool unless you want to touch up your angles. Transform does a piss poor job of straightening your photos and doesn’t correct distortion in any shape or form at all. I think I spent 30 minutes playing with Transform. That’s 30 minutes I won’t get back in my life. Even after transform filled in my photo in certain areas, I still cropped it because it looked really funny when I blew it up. Recently Added-1803 The next tool I’m going to talk about is Brush, now this is a well thought out tool. I’ll show you what I’ve learned from using it. If you do a lot of masking on your iPad then I recommend updating Snapseed on that device. You have 4 different brushes ass shown on the second screen shot. I gave you a demo of how the Dodge and Burn brush works. What I like is you can adjust the brush on opacity with up and down arrows and blow up your by pinching in and out with your fingers. Recently Added-1804 What I want to do is lighten the trees and bring out the details, so I’m going to use Expose brush to mask the trees on each end. The zoom corner tells you where you’re at on your photo when you blow it up. I highly recommend you doing a section and save when you use brush. Because I made a lot of mistakes in areas while pinching my photo and moving my photo from different areas. Recently Added-1805 I also added saturation with the brush tool on the trees and grass. Recently Added-1806 The other thing that was bother me was the small cloud patch, so I used the Spot Repair to cover up the small cloud patches. It works the same way as brush but make sure you zoom in before you touch the area you want to repair. This is another ideal thing to do on your iPad. Even on an iPhone 6 plus this was a little difficult to do just like the Brush tool. Recently Added-1798 These are all my layers I used on Snapseed on my iPhone 6 plus. The top two brush layers were mistakes I made while brushing. The other brushes are different areas I did on my photo. Recently Added-1799 I did add a little outer brightness to make the photo a little softer. Recently Added-1800 This is my finished edit with Snapseed. So if you plan to do some heavy brushing, spot repair and selective areas of your photo. I highly recommend you do this on an iPad mini or iPad. Doing this on an iPhone will make you go blind. You also make more mistakes on you edits because of the smaller screen. Recently Added-1808 Here is another before with Hydra and after with Snapseed. I think it came out pretty good for doing this on my iPhone 6 plus but I rather do this on my iPad. My overall opinions about this update are it was needed yet it too drastic at the same time. At first I was really excited about the update, then after a while I could see it for it is. A really trendy layout with name changes, switching of tools and filters along with a counter intuitive user interface. They also have some bugs to fix, like the crop tool and leaving the app on too long making it funky to work with. To update or not to update is really up to you, if you’re used to the old layout and don’t need the extra tools. Then you’re better off not updating Snapseed. If you want the new tools and didn’t care about loosing Grunge, then update Snapseed. My iPhone 4S has the older version of Snapseed. I feel there is not need to update it on something so small. I’m hoping that the developer will do small updates to add tools and filters to Snapseed, instead of an update like this again. I understand you have to change with the times but there is a fine line between change/trendy. Snapseed is FREE, universal to the iPad and requires iOS 8. This concludes the Snapseed 2.0 blog post series. If you have any questions, please leave comments or email me Have a good day and see you soon !!! Snapseed


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11 Responses to Combo Apps/Snapseed 2.0 part 3 of 3

  1. Elvia says:

    Thank you for the review about the update. Very good info.

  2. Ithalu says:

    Thank you so much for the tutoríal Tina is so helpful. 🙏 I apdated on my iPad mini and I have the older version on my iPod. 😊

  3. Pedro says:

    iPhone 5 with Snapseed 2.0.4152
    I can see the edited photos in Camera Roll but only the original versions are sent to My Photo Stream.
    The strangest thing is that I don’t even have saved the originals. Only the edited versions are in Camera Roll.
    Already reinstalled but the problem remains.
    When I save a copy with all the edits I’ve made, stupidly and without any apparent reason, it is the original file that is sent to My Photo Stream.
    I have to send the edited pictures by email to myself or otherwise I lose all the edits I made.
    The previous version was much better by far.
    This version is a turn over from a awesome app to a lousy one.

    • ashcroft54 says:

      There’s a support help page, you need to contact Snapseed and tell them this problem. That sucks !!! Have you don’t a hard restart or an uninstall and reinstall with the app. Try that and see if that works and solves your problems. If not contact Snapseed directly.

      • Pedro says:

        I already put this info on Google’s Help Forum but it seems that nobody wants to know.
        Not even a single answer.
        If they don’t care, why should I?
        I also use Enlight (what a awesome app, absolutely fantastic); Mextures, DistressFX; Vintique among a few others.
        If the problem it is not fixed within a few days I will delete the app and end of history.

      • ashcroft54 says:

        You know it’s Sunday. You should email them your problem directly.

      • Pedro says:

        Yes, I know 🙂
        I understand that the problems can’t be solved immediately, that’s why I will wait a few more days. I left feedback through the app itself but I can’t find any email address to contact them directly. Do you know how to contact them directly?
        Thank you so much.

      • ashcroft54 says:

        This is the email I used: Monday through Friday 8:30 am to 5:00 pm PST (Pacific Standard Time).

      • Pedro says:

        Thank you so much once again.

    • ashcroft54 says:

      It seems you’re not alone with your save problem. This is the link to their support page below.

    • FotoPassion says:

      I noticed this too. Try sending the edited pic to yourself with Airdrop. I love to use it when I’m not on WiFi and need a pic on my other device.

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