Combo Apps/Snapseed 2.0 part 2 of 3

Snapseed Demo Edit

Today is part 2 of 3 with Snapseed 2.0. If you read my blog there was some thing either moved around, changed names and/or removed from the app permanently. I’m going to go over the 3 new filters (Lens Blur, Grainy Film and Noir) and show you how they work. The top photo was taken today for the tutorial.

But before I start the tutorial, I got some really great news yesterday. Some of you know the news but I will make it official here, I was asked to be a Featured Ambassador for Ztylus on Ztylus website. I’m really excited about this because I wasn’t expect this at all. It’s also really an honor to be part of something innovative and revolutionary.

Recently Added-1801

The first thing I wanted to do is crop the photo because I want to post the final edit on Instagram @combo_apps. So I go into tools and tap on the crop button (not shown), it’s loaded up and ready to be cropped. On the first screen shot you have a tool bar on crop settings. If you don’t want to do free crop and standard ratio crop, then take on the rectangle box with dotted direction down. The second screen shot are you different crop ratios. I want to pick the square 1:1 crop. The screen shot I wanted to centered the photo before I cropped it. I move the photo left to right until I’m satisfied. Then I tap on the check button to crop my photo.

Recently Added-1802

Next I want to add grain to my photo because I like the film grain look to my photos. It’s filter with built in presets to go with the grain you apply on top of your photos. This was you have that more realistic film style to your edits. Fist screen shot I’m apply the grain first on my photo. If you want to get to the presets, you tap on the rectangle button after the grain button. In the second and third screen shot are the presets and in the third I picked the preset I like on top of my photo.

Recently Added-1803

Now I’m going to adjust the grain and strength on my photo. If you tap and hold your finger on the screen, that is how you zoom to look at your photo details. It does take some getting used to but I like this feature. In the last screen shot I make final adjustments with grain and strength.

Spaseed Griny Film Edit

This is my cropped and Grainy Film save but there are two more filters left to go…

Recently Added-1804

Noir in my opinion this isn’t Noir to me. This should be called something else like Old Non-Silver Chemical Process or Non-Silver Process because these filter presets look like old prints from Calotypes to Collodion Wet Plates. The presets are too washed out and no real contrast drama at all.

Recently Added-1805

As you can see when you apply a preset on top of you photo, you have the option to wash them out…

Snapseed Noir Edit

This is my finished Noir edit and one more to go with Lens Blur…

Recently Added-1806

I wanted to show you the layers I’be used so far in the history. I added a frame and took it off but it reamains in the history in case you want to add it back in.

Recently Added-1807

Lens Blur used to be called Tilt-Shift and even with the name change…it’s still really Tilt-Shift in my opinion. The only thing they really added was Bokeh shapes for when you blur things out. I feel what should add is a Blur Mask and the name would actually work for me. You still have the typical Circular and Linear tilt shifts. If you noticed in the last screen shot I moved the linear tilt shift up and down instead of keeping it across.

Recently Added-1808

I make my adjustments to my liking and save it.

Snapseed Lens Blur Edit

This is my Lens Blur edit but I feel it’s not done and missing something…what could it be !!!

Snapseed Final Edit

I know the DETAILS !!! So I wen back and use the Details and Tune Image to make it POP !!! Sometimes I don’t like my photos to look muddy and washed out. I like to loo at details in a photo but I want to make it inviting at the same time. Now I will post this photo on Instagram to share. This concludes part 2 of 3 Snapseed 2.0 blog post. Tomorrow I will go over the Tools and where everything went off to. It seems that some were lost or hidden in new places within the Tools. If you have any questions about this blog post, please leave comments or email Have a great weekend and see you tomorrow !!!



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One Response to Combo Apps/Snapseed 2.0 part 2 of 3

  1. rjllane says:

    Thanks again ashcroft54 (Tina) for part 2/3. I agree that the Noir presets are a bit “timid”, and that the Lens Blur tool is the old Tilt-shift.

    One little annoyance that I came across today with the new Snapseed – I cropped an image and specified the square format. It saved the image with 1736 x 1738 pixels. It is NEARLY square but not exactly. Not a real problem, but some poor programming.

    Still, on the plus side, I really like the Tonal Contrast tool, just as you did.

    … MomentsForZen (Richard)

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