Combo Apps/iKlips – World’s Fastest Apple Lightning Drive

Don’t you just hate getting that notification that your iPhone is full when you’re out taking photos. You forgot to bring your laptop or iPad with you. There’s no wifi where you’re at to transfer your photos to a cloud service of some kind. The worst your battery is too low to do anything with your iPhone. What do you do ? I want to introduce the future of mobile storage or on the go file transfer. iKlips is the faster lightning drive in the world but it’s being crowd funded on Indiegogo at the moment and not on the market.

iKlips - 2

Apple Lightning & USB 3.0 flash drive

iKlips allows users to conveniently share and transfer files between an iPhone, iPad, PC, and Mac. Through a free iOS APP, you can instantly store valuable photos and videos from your iPhone and iPad onto the iKlips and transfer them to your home computer.

Capacity Sizes are 16BG, 32GB, 64GB and 128GB. You can download the app for FREE to go with the unit. It’s also Apple Certified MFi, so these lightning drives will last and work properly.

iKlips - 1

iKlips has reached their stretch fund and will unlock password capability to make the drive even safer to use. The early bird 40% OFF specials are gone for the 64BG and 128GB. You only have 15 days left if you want to lock in at the 30% OFF price for 128GB and 64GB. I showed my friend this campaign. She jumped on the 64GB one. Shipping day for the iKlips is June 2015. I highly recommend you jump on this crowd fund quickly before it end or they run out of funding spots. Because when these go on the market, these iKlips will be full price…so hurry and don’t delay !!!

Indiegogo iKlips click here !!!



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5 Responses to Combo Apps/iKlips – World’s Fastest Apple Lightning Drive

  1. nanashi says:

    Thanks Tina! Gonna jump on the 64gb … I’m always running out of space especially using burst mode when trying to capture macros at all angles and trying to get a sharp image with my shaky hands … can easily use up 2gb within minutes for a photo of a flower … so this is sorely needed … ok off to purchase … much gratitude for your blog!

  2. Ithalu says:

    I ordered one yesterday! I can’t wait 😊 thank you Tina!!

  3. Steve turner says:

    Just received my 128gm iklips but doesn’t work on iPhone or iPad. Only USB works on computer

    • ashcroft54 says:

      I would contact iKlips if it’s not working on your iOS devices. The only complaint I’ve heard so far was the app not being very intuitive and limiting.

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