Combo Apps/Ztylus Lite Series Camera Kit for iPhone 6 plus

Yesterday I went to Balboa Park and Downtown San Diego to really test out the Ztylus for iPhone 6 plus. When I was at Balboa Park, this lens system got a lot of attention. People asked me what I was using and wanted to know how to get one for their iPhones. Plus it was a beautiful day and much needed thing to do some hardcore mobile shooting on my 6 plus.

I got the whole camera kit system over a week ago. I just really played with the macro lens because I like shooting macros. This will be a very detailed blog post product review, so be prepared to do a lot of reading and looking at lots of photos. The photos were shot with ProCamera 8 and Vivid HDR. I need to do some serious Vivid HDR test photos too. So you could say I was killing a few birds with one stone.

My Ztylus Case and Revolver

So let’s get started with what I got from Ztylus, when you order the Lite Series Camera for iPhone 6/6+ and get it in the mail. You will get two separate packages. One for the case and the other for the lens revolver.

Inside the Lite Case

I wanted to show you the inside of the case. It has velvet lining so your iPhone stays in place and now jiggle around in the case. The stand twists off and you can replace it with the revolver. The case is really easy to slide on and off your iPhone.

My Revolver Lenses

When you get the revolver, it comes with a bag and cloth. I like the cloth because it comes in handy when I pop out the wide angle lens to use the macro. When I’m done with the macro I use the cloth to put the wide angle lens back on the macro. The wide angle is magnetically attached to the macro, so that is how you’re able to pop it on and off. It also holds the wide angle in place and doesn’t fall out.


Also this is important and I wanted to share this with you. When take off the kickstand off and attached the revolver, it’s a bit tricky. I had a heck of a time because I still can’t grip things well with my right hand. Even almost a year later after the stroke, I still have problems gripping with my right hand. I finally got it on there and just kept the revolver on the case. I don’t plan to use the kickstand anyways.

Normal - Wide Angle - Fisheye Ztylus

Here are the three photos, taken at the iconic Botanical Building. I had to wait for the tourist to take their photos before I could take photos at the sweet spot.

Wide Angle Ztylus

Here is a bigger photo of the wide angle shot of the Botanical Building.

Fisheye Ztylus

Here’s a bigger photo of the fisheye shot of the Botanical Building.

Macro Ztylus

Macro lens is pretty amazing. It’s 10x macro lens so you’ll get some really great shots. The details are pretty sharp and very clear

CPL Test

CPL (circular polarizer filter), it does have the two lenses built in do you can do the adjustments needed. I did my first test on water reflection and wanted to see if it would cut glare and reflections. It didn’t so much, just changed the hue, took some haziness out of the water and little more contrast in the reflection. But I also did some other tests with the CPL, to see how well it would work on the sky and using Vivid HDR.

All Photos-1436

Now if you shoot with the sun blaring down, it’s NO BUENO !!! Even with Vivid HDR, it didn’t work to cut the haze and glare. I will talk about the app in tomorrow’s blog post.

Vivid HDR with CPL

However when you shoot away form the sun and you want to bring cloud and sky details. The CPL is a very helpful tool to have handy with Vivid HDR. It really blew me away with the details. Having an iPhone 6 plus was also a huge factor. I don’t think I could get shots this good on my old 4S. All I really have to do is run the photo through a noise app and smooth out the photo. The technology is getting better with every iPhone. I will probably chuck out my DSLR, Photoshop and Lightroom all together.

Vivid HDR - CPL - Black and White

Now this was the mind blowing part, the black and whites with the CPL and Vivid HDR. I’m finally sold on the app because of the circular polarizer lens. This is close to being CRISPY !!!!

Overall the whole Ztylus system grew on me as I kept using it yesterday. I started to enjoy taking photos and not worry taking things apart to switch out a lens. It was easy to use after I got the hang of twisting the revolver. It was nice to be able to turn the dial to a new lens. It felt like I discovered what was missing in mobile photography lenses.

It’s even better than the Olloclips because of a few reasons. One you don’t have to flip your lens or unscrew them. Two it comes with a really nice well made case. Three you can have a screen protector on you iPhone, when you use this lens system. Four when the iPhone change design every two years, all you have to do is replace the case and not the complete system. Five the lenses are just as sharp if not better quality than Olloclip. The only two things the Ztylus lacks are a 15x macro and a 2x telephoto lens. In my opinion, it’s a small price to pay. I was told they are making more attachments for the Ztylus case, so that excites me even more, Other than that, you get your money worth with this system. I got over the whole had a hard time putting it together issue. Once you start using it, you won’t take it off or put your iPhone down. This is the most versatile iPhone case I’ve used so far and the most innovative.

Three Colors Ztylus

The Ztylus Lite cases come in three colors, Watermelon, Orange and Black. The cases cost $29.95 and comes with the screw off kick stand. They also offer the metal series cases in the same three colors. The price of those cases are $44.95. There is also a Lite Series and Metal Series Camera Kit. That includes the 4-in-1 lens revolver. Those prices are Lite – $99.95 and Metal – $114.95. At the moment the limited edition Metal Series Rose Gold is sold out at the moment. If you want to get it, you can give Ztylus your email and they will notify you.

Complete Product and Price List:

Lite Series Case for iPhone 6 plus – $29.95
Metal Series Case for iPhone 6 – $44.95
Lite Series Camera Kit for iPhone 6 plus – $99.95
Metal Series Camera Kit for iPhone 6 plus – $114.95
Metal Series Limited Edition Rose Gold for iPhone 6 plus – Sold Out

Lite Case for iPhone 6 – $29.95
Metal Case for iPhone 6 – $44.95
Lite Series Camera Kit for iPhone 6 – $99.95
Metal Series Camera Kit for iPhone 6 – $114.95
Metal Series Limited Edition Rose Gold for iPhone 6 – $149.95

Metal Series for iPhone 5/5S – $39.95 in black or white
Metal Series Kit with Revolver 4in1 – $99.95 in black or white
Metal Series Limited Edition Rose Gold Kit – $129.95

Revolver 4in1 Lens Attachment – $69.95
LED Ring Light Attachment – $59.95
Rose Word Hand Grip for Ztylus iPhone 6 Case – $29.95
FlipMount – $24.95

You can check out the website >HERE< for more details and follow Ztylus on Instagram @ztylus and hash tag your photos #ztylus. If you want to order a Ztylus system, you can get 25% OFF on all Ztylus products by clicking >HERE< !!!

I want to thank Thomas Chen for giving me a chance for writing about this product. I had lot of fun using it, yesterday. It’s a quality product that I can stand by. If you have any questions about this blog posy, please leave comments or email me Have a HAPPY EASTER and see you soon !!!



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17 Responses to Combo Apps/Ztylus Lite Series Camera Kit for iPhone 6 plus

  1. Ithalu says:

    I like it! Beautiful pics. Thank you for the review. 👌

  2. rjllane says:

    Hello ashcroft54 (Tina).

    Thanks for the blog post and pictures. The macro looked fantastic – no sign of distortion or vignetting around the edges. And I could literally feel your enthusiasm with the CPL for B&W shots – you got the “crispy” look that you love WITHOUT even processing 🙂 The case and revolver even look good. Neat system.

    … MomentsForZen (Richard)

    • ashcroft54 says:

      Hi Richard,

      I would say this is the closet thing to having an all in one mobile gear system. If the do a macro revolver, then I’ll forget the Olloclip for good and stick with these guys instead. They seem to be a great company and listen to what coasters want. This will be what I’ll use to shoot black and whites from here on out.

      • rjllane says:

        Hi there again ashcroft54 (Tina).

        I think that I might get this system, too. A telephoto would be good, as you said, but the macro and CPL are already enough for me.

        … MomentsForZen (Richard)

  3. kimartino says:

    Very nice review Tina! And very interesting product!

    • ashcroft54 says:

      It’s really a good product. I don’t know who will do and get one but they listen to people to improve the products. It’s not officially designed or recommended but you can stick those Sony QX camera lenses on the case. If you go to their website, then have a blog post about it.

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  5. Kimberly says:

    Looks beautiful! So excited to try this…thank you Tina!

  6. Danny says:


    Great review and I really appreciate all you hard work you put into this article. I think I may purchase this in the near future.

    Thanks again!

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