Combo Apps/Tayasui Sketches with AutoPaint and AutoColor

Tayasui Sketches had a recent update and added Auto Paint on the iPad version. It’s really cool because now you have the ability to paint over your own photos with a little more control over painterly apps.

On the iPhone version it’s called Auto Color. This is a super awesome update and only available on iOS devices. I wanted you to check out the quick demo videos and spread the news. Below will be an app list below that is linked to the US App Store.

Tayasui Sketches – FREE with in-app purchases
Tayasui Sketches+ – $4.99 Tayasui Creative Pack

Before and After

I wanted to show you a before an after with the new Auto Paint update.

Uncropped Save

The other thing I wanted to share with you is if you use square photos. This is how they save, so you will need to crop your creation if you plan to use square photos.

Cropped Save

This is my cropped save using PicFrame. It doesn’t look to bad after the crop. If you have any questions about this blog post please leave comments or email me Have a good evening and see you soon !!!

Coming soon Tayasui Sketches on Android…



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2 Responses to Combo Apps/Tayasui Sketches with AutoPaint and AutoColor

  1. creatiwu says:

    Beautifully made.

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