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My Estylo

Estylo, the pencil of now and maybe the future. It’s a wooden stylus with a magnet (inside) to attach to your iPad, so you don’t loose it. I’ve had the stylus for a month and played with it a lot. So let me tell you what I really think…

Estylo in my hand

This is what the Estylo looks like in my hot little hand. It feels like I’m holding an art pencil in my hand and very light in your hand.

Estylo Tip

This is the tip of an Estylo. They changed the tip from previous model.

Estylo Tayasui Sketches Test

Here is my iPad test with Tayasui Sketches, I had to pressed down pretty hard. That’s after I cleaned the screen really well.

Estylo Sketch

After I messed around with the stylus found the sweet spot to draw this picture. I haven’t use a stylus with my right hand since I had my stroke. That’s why I spent a month with this stylus to give a fair review. Estylo is really a nice stylus and took me a bit to get used to it. They have 5 distinctive colors, Black, Purple, Teal, Pink and Red. The Estylo sells for $19.90, there is a non-magnetic for $9.90 in black only. You can also order all of the Artist Magnetic Set for $55.00.

I want to thank Fernando Jimenez for letting me review the Estylo. Overall it’s a nice stylus and wroth picking up. If you have any questions please leave comments or email me Have a great day and see you soon !!!



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