Combo Apps/Soratama for Smartphones


The “soratama 72″ is made of optical glass and it is able to provide sharp images compared to marbles and acrylic ball. The edge of the metal frame is shaped like a screw and it can be fixed onto your camera by screwing a step-up ring.

The diameter of “soratama 72″ is 72mm, and it comes with a 20mm Soratama extension tube. Also, “Extension Tube 72″ (sold separately) is a set of Soratama extension tubes ranging from 5mm, 10mm, to 20mm. It is used to adjust the distance between soratama and the camera lens.


Gizmon are currently working on making soratama for smartphones. By using this product, you will be able to take wonderful soratama pictures with your smartphone. This soratama is on an iPhone 6 plus.


Here’s a soratama on an iPad Air 2.


If you have an iCA5 case, this is how the soratama will look like on the case. It does look a little odd because of the placement.





These are the sample photos from an iPhone. What I like is the fact you don’t have to rely on an app to get this effect anymore. The soratama is not out yet. You can get more information about this product >HERE<.This product is a coming soon…



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  1. sams says:

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