Combo Apps/Beastgrip Pro Campaign

Beastgrip Pro campaign went live on Kickstarter, today. Now that most of the day has gone by the crowdfund is close to making it’s goal. One of the pledges is ALL GONE already !!! There are other pledges left, so hurry and make your pledge !!!

Beastgrip Pro

Most of you know I have the original Beastgrip and wrote about it. It was also one of my Top 10 Products List 2014. I’m very excited about the new PRO version of the Beastgrip. I can’t wait to get my hands on this new Beastgrip when it comes out !!!


You can follow Beastgrip Pro for the list below, just click on them and this will take you to where you need to go on the web.

Beastgrip Pro Kickstarter
Beastgrip Website
Instagram @beastgrip_pro
Beastgrip Facebook Page
Twitter @beastgrip

Check it out and make a pledge !!!



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3 Responses to Combo Apps/Beastgrip Pro Campaign

  1. rjllane says:

    I thought that you might be up for the Pro – you need to upgrade so that you have a Beastgrip that will fit your 6 Plus 😉

    I’m signed up.

    One of the good things about the Beastgrip is that it is a frame that can fit many different phones, so that we wont need to buy a new case for every new phone if we want to use a lens system. When the iPhone 7 comes out (with a different form factor), it will hopefully still fit into the Beastgrip Pro. That way, we should get a few years of life from the frame and the lenses that we use with it.

    Are you getting the Beastgrip lenses?

    … MomentsForZen (Richard)

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